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Choose a leader in industrial quality, efficiency and durability for your pump needs. At Pumps and Parts Online, we are proud to offer the latest Oberdorfer pumps for your industry. Explore our lines of pumps and find out how you can replace or repair your industrial pumps. Don’t let a minor pump issue or leaking seal create a headache for your production facility.

Oberdorfer Pump

Types of Pumps

Oberdorfer Pumps is a leader in a number of pump types and applications. Here are the main categories you can choose from when shopping for one of these industrial pumps:

  • Gear pumps
  • Rubber impeller pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Chemsteel pumps
  • Helical rotor pumps

All of these pumps are designed with uncompromising precision for global leadership in your industry. These pumps can be used to remove water, transfer chemicals or power hydraulic systems. Whether you need to remove liquid or propel your equipment, turn to Oberdorfer.

Industries We Serve

Businesses of all sizes shop at Pumps and Parts Online for their Oberdorfer pumps and parts. Here are just a few industries we provide replacement pumps and parts:

  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Food and beverage
  • Transportation
  • Oil and gas
  • General use

Depending on the industry, you may need a single gear pump or an entire line of centrifugal pumps. The sizes and specifications of each pump type can vary widely as well, so be sure to shop at a leading Oberdorfer Pumps supplier to find the perfect option for your application.

Because every industry has specific needs in terms of size and application, these pumps are built in a wide range of types. Once you select a particular type of pump, you can enjoy a diverse range of features and pressure ratings to match your application. If you can’t find the pump you need, work with our customer service team to find a solution that works for you. Whether we find an Oberdorfer pump or another leading brand, our extensive inventory has the options you need to repair or replace your equipment.

Benefits of Oberdorfer Pumps

A leader in pump design ensures you receive the highest quality materials and components. When you work with a global leader in industrial pump manufacturing, you can expect the longest lifetime, highest levels of performance and the least amount of maintenance.

Decreased maintenance requirements reduces the downtime of your facility. Don’t lose valuable time waiting for continuous replacement parts and new pumps, but invest in a pump that’s designed to last longer and power more.

Compare these pumps for yourself to see how you can enjoy excellent pressure and flow ratings. Oberdorfer Pumps are capable of powering large irrigation units, oil and gas applications and industrial chemical processes with more efficiency than competitors.

Order Your Pump Parts Online

Shop for Oberdorfer Pumps replacement parts and new pumps today. Enjoy competitive prices, a wide selection of parts and pumps and a commitment to unbelievable customer service when you work with Pumps and Parts Online. Whether you’re just getting your small business started or you’re looking to expand your large industrial facility, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Traits of a Good Water Booster Pump

Water pressure is one of the most important parts of indoor plumbing maintenance. A shower with low water pressure is an extreme inconvenience, as anyone who has turned on their shower only to get a trickle of water knows. An in-house sprinkler system with low water pressure can be dangerous, unable to adequately put out a fire. DP Pumps understands this, which is why we work hard to produce the best water booster pumps to suit your needs. In order to know what a good water booster pump looks like, here are five things you need to looks for.

Quality Materials

Inferior models are made of metals that will easily rust and corrode. Like anything that comes into constant contact with water, a water pressure booster needs to be designed to withstand this contact without rusting. This is why our high-quality water pumps are made of stainless steel, in order to guarantee that they keep working for as long as possible.

Easy Installation

A key theme with all of these qualities is that setting up your booster pump should be as easy and straightforward as possible. Before installing, you should be able to tell if your pump needs a dedicated circuit or not. A dedicated circuit would mean more work at the panel box since you have to attach it to the circuit directly. However, this will make your home safer, especially if it is increasing pressure on a sprinkler system since this means that the operation of the pressure system won’t cause a shortage or affect any other electronics on the circuit. Many other boosters use a simple outlet plug-in, which makes installation much more straightforward.

Pressure Regulator

Another question you will need to know ahead of time is whether or not you will need to install a separate pressure regulator. The best pumps come with a pressure regulator, allowing them to automatically turn on when the water pressure gets too low. However, some states, like California, require you to install a water pressure regulator in your home separately. Make sure yo do your research so you know if you will need to install one separately.

Pressure Booster

All of the previous aspects of a high-quality booster pump have been important, but the quality of your pressure booster is by far the most important thing you should consider when purchasing a new pump. The ultimate question is how many pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure the booster will exert. Typical homeowners looking to increase water pressure are looking for pressure about 25 PSI above what they currently have. We offer PSI ranges from the low end of 10-20 PSI up to the higher end of 40 PSI.

Extra Accessories

Some pumps come with more than just the booster. Look for pumps that come with relief valves and shutoff valves in order to get the most out of your booster pump.

DP Pumps has over 60 years of experience installing high-quality booster pumps. Let our experience help you find the exact pump you need to improve the water pressure in your home.


Understanding the Different Kinds of Oberdorfer Pumps

If you are conducting chemical metering, chemical injections or any other process that requires moving a large amount of fluid, it is important to know what type of pump you need. Different pumps use different materials, designs and mechanisms to achieve many different goals. Transferring a highly corrosive material with no impurities will require a very different pump design than the treatment of a fluid that contains impurities. If you need a pump, it is important to understand the different kinds of Oberdorfer pumps available in order to figure out which one you need.

Gear Pumps

Gear pumps, as the name implies, use gears in order to transfer fluids. These pumps come in two basic models: internal and external pumps. Internal gear pumps use a gear within another gear to transfer fluids. External pumps use two gears of the same size to push fluids around the gears and to the output. These kinds of pumps come in a variety of materials, including:

  • Bronze
  • Lead-free alloy
  • Hastelloy C
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-metallic materials

Depending on the design and material used, gear pumps can be used in a variety of material applications. Materials that can be transported using a gear pump are:

  • Resins,
  • Oils
  • Ink
  • Food products
  • High-viscosity liquids

Gear pumps are usually designed to be an economical size, making them ideal for a variety of applications where size and volume control are important.

Centrifugal Pumps

These pumps use an impeller to increase a fluid’s pressure and flow rate. They are designed with large internal clearances, meaning that they have large internal parts that can handle small impurities in the fluid. This makes them ideal for pumping liquids like saltwater. However, they do not handle viscous liquids very well. They are intended for fluids with a pH balance between 4 and 11 and are designed with bronze components to prevent corrosion. Compared to other types of pumps, centrifugal pumps tend to be quieter and require no relief valve to protect the pumps from pressure build-up.

Centrifugal pumps come in low, medium and high-flow variations. We also offer plastic and self-priming centrifugal options.

Impeller Pumps

Similar to centrifugal pumps, impeller pumps are primarily used in water treatment and other applications that require high pressure and flow. Designed with bronze and stainless steel parts, these pumps are also built to prevent corrosion from highly alkaline materials. They are primarily used in the treatment of greywater and blackwater. Because they can withstand corrosion, they are also commonly used on ships and other marine locations, on anything from air-conditioning to engine cooling. These kinds of pumps come in low-flow, medium and high-flow options. This allows you to select the pump based on the amount of fluid being transferred as well as your energy needs.

Oberdorfer Offers a variety of pump types and sizes to suit any kind of liquid transfer or chemical treatment need. Gear pumps can deal with highly-viscous fluid while centrifugal pumps work well with liquids that contain impurities. Impeller pumps can pump liquids with a high velocity, allowing you to transfer more liquid in a shorter time.


Signs You Need an Oberdorfer Pump

Businesses need a wide range of dependable pumps to continue to power their equipment. Whether your hydraulic pump is out on a vehicle or your industrial process requires a new impeller pump, find out why you need Oberdorfer Pumps products at Pumps and Parts Online.

You Need a Dependable Pump

With over 100 years under their belt, the manufacturing team Oberdorfer Pumps knows a thing or two about pumps. Critical design features and reliable equipment inspections ensure you receive the pump you need to keep powering your facility. These pumps can be reliably depended upon to push hydraulic fluid, pump product or power a lubrication process in your equipment.

Compare this manufacturer with other brands to see for yourself. A manufacturer with a long history of successful pump creation and distribution gives you the peace of mind you need as you shop for a critical component. From assembly line machinery to construction equipment, your asset requires a pump that can handle intense situations without needing excessive maintenance tasks or breaking down quickly. Turn to Oberdorfer Pumps for a pump that meets your strict quality standards.

Your Application Requires a Specialized Pump

There are many pump manufacturers available for commercial purposes, but few have the extensive range of pumps of Oberdorfer Pumps. Here are just a few options available for your particular application:

  • Gear pumps: Choose between external, motor mount, clutch driven or pedestal mount gear pumps for your particular hydraulic need. These dependable pumps are manufactured in a range of metallic and non-metallic options for specific applications.
  • Centrifugal pumps: Centrifugal force powers your product and offers up to 20 feet of suction lift. These pumps are popular in moving solvents in single stage and end suction applications.
  • Rubber impeller pumps: Update your water transfer, engine cooling, air conditioning or baitwell application with up to 15 feet of suction power. A primed rubber impeller pump is a reliable option that can be used for high, medium or low flow.
  • Helical pumps: Don’t let dirty liquids halt your pumping situation. Safely transfer spent oil, sandy water or other mixed liquids with an Oberdorfer helical pump.
  • Chemsteel pumps: Highly corrosive materials can quickly compromise other pump designs. Oberdorfer Chemsteel pumps are made with stainless steel or alloy C to pump corrosive liquids safely.

Carefully review each type of pump to find one that easily replaces your inefficient or damaged pump. If you’re creating a new installation and don’t have a previous pump to compare it to, consider the specifications you need for your new project. Every line of Oberdorfer Pumps products has its own pros and cons, and improper use won’t give you the performance you deserve. Look for the mechanical, spatial and electrical requirements of each pump to see which one best reflects your operational needs.

Find the Oberdorfer Pump You Deserve at Pumps and Parts Online

Shop for Oberdorfer products today to restore your industrial equipment, hydraulic system or other pump application. Don’t let costly downtime hold you back, but order a reliable replacement pump from a leading brand. Find great prices on all types of pumps at Pumps and Parts Online.


The Impressive Nature of Oberdorfer Pumps

There are many applications for pumps, which is a piece of equipment that has the sole purpose of transferring materials or liquids out of one place and into another. You will find a range of pumps in everything from industrial applications to agricultural services and more. When you need the best in quality for your equipment, you can trust the design and efficiency of Oberdorfer Pumps.

Perfection for Any Operation

Regardless of industry or need, the Oberdorfer systems are made for the job. Working with dependable equipment makes it easier to achieve success and maintain safety, and for over 100 years, this line of pumps has kept companies running and employees productive. While there are many types of pumps produced, Oberdorfer is commonly recognized for its gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, flexible impeller pumps, and progressive cavity pumps.

  1. Gear pumps: These machines can either have external or internal gears that will move fluid at a semi-consistent flow rate proportionate to the rotation of the gears. Because of the corrosive nature of certain fluids and chemicals, Oberdorfer exclusively uses CHEMSTEEL to maintain the integrity of any chemical pump manufactured.
  2. Centrifugal pumps: These pumps are best used when a high flow is needed but there are low viscosity and low pressure. There is more precision with the flow rate, and you will find these machines are quite powerful for their smaller size. Oberdorfer uses a lot of bronze for these pumps, making them durable and able to withstand harsh operating environments.
  3. Flexible impeller pumps: Oberdorfer has gained a reputation as the leading manufacturer of this equipment, as the company has cracked an industry secret to increasing the longevity of the impeller. These are positive displacement pumps that have had a positive impact on chemical production, food procession, and marine use.
  4. Progressive cavity pumps: When you have a higher viscosity fluid, you will need a progressive cavity pump in order to maintain effectiveness. There are no valves in this design, which guarantees precision in production control. Applications that benefit from this pump include food and drink pumping, coal slurry, well water pumping, or oilfield pumping.

Plenty of Flexibility

There are many fields of operations where Oberdorfer pumps have made their mark. The standard gear pump is most often used with high-viscosity fluids, such as processing adhesives, petrochemicals, pulp, and paint. Agricultural systems, as well as water treatment and sewage processes, rely on centrifugal pumps. You may find a local vineyard owner using a flexible impeller pump for winemaking. The design process for each pump carefully considered longevity, cost, and performance. This leads to the best selection of materials, rigorous testing processes, and experienced production crews. There is a reputation to uphold with each pump manufactured.

Performance That Can`t Be Denied

The engineered products of Oberdorfer have undeniable quality and consistency in operations. Each pump has been constructed with the consumer in mind, leading to impressive features that maximize capacity, flow, and dependability. If you are looking for a pump that is sure to deliver on all promises and points of importance, you can`t go wrong with an Oberdorfer. Check out the selection at Pumps and Part Online.


Why Your Company Should Consider Using an Oberdorfer Pump

You may be fascinated by the history of automotive manufacturing, or maybe you like to impress your friends with trivia about self-lubricating centrifugal pumps. Or, perhaps you work in a trade like the food and beverage industry in which you have been tasked to either research or order a new Oberdorfer pump. It may surprise you to know that Oberdorfer Pumps are not a new invention: They originated over 100 years ago.

Oberdorfer Pump

What are Oberdorfer Pumps, and Why Were They Created?

Oberdorfer pumps are not simply one type of pump used for one specific purpose: the Oberdorfer brand has been manufacturing pumps for over one hundred years. These products were named after their company’s founder, Moses L. Oberdorfer, who manufactured pumps at the end of the 19th century in Syracuse, New York. Due to his timing, Mr. Oberdorfer was able to get a foothold in the aircraft industry as well as the automotive industry, which, at the time, were new forms of technology that needed pumps to provide lubrication for their engines.

What Are Oberdorfer Pumps Currently Used For?

Though the original Oberdorfer pumps have been retired (one is even part of a display at the Smithsonian Institution), their modern-day predecessors are gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, and flexible impeller pumps that are made from both metallic and nonmetallic materials. Oberdorfer pumps can be found in the oil and gas industry, the food and beverage manufacturing industry, and yes, they are still used in industrial and automotive applications, though perhaps not as frequently as they were a century ago. Below are the three main types of Oberdorfer pumps as well as their most common applications.

  1. Gear pumps utilize gears to transfer fluid from one side of a structure to another. These fluids can include chemicals, ink, oils, or food manufacturing products. They are generally made from bronze or stainless steel materials.
  2. Centrifugal pumps use impellers to increase how fast a liquid flows through a space and at what speed it flows. They are usually categorized according to their flow and pressure rate. These pumps can be made from metal or plastic. Because they are better suited to thinner, non-viscous fluids like water, it is not advised to use them with oil or thicker liquids.
  3. Flexible impeller pumps are often used for boats, engines, and air conditioning. Like centrifugal pumps, they are usually rated by flow.

Why Should I Consider an Oberdorfer Pump Instead of Another Brand?

Simply put, Oberdorfer Pumps are synonymous with durability and longevity. When you order an Oberdorfer pump, regardless of your industry, you can be assured that your new pump meets rigorous testing standards and will provide you with years of quality.

Pumps are often overlooked until you have a need for one, but when you do — or when one suddenly breaks — these small pumps become crucial to your company’s success in an instant. For advice on selecting the right Oberdorfer Pump, information about the new CHEMSTEELTM line of pumps made from exceptionally durable materials, or to inquire about anything pump-related, please contact us at Pumps and Parts Online today.

Choose Oberdorfer Pumps for Reliability Across Industries

Selecting Oberdorfer Pumps products to outfit your manufacturing facility is a great way to introduce quality and reliability into your manufacturing processes. These pumps are designed to high standards and built to be long-lasting. At Pumps and Parts Online, our Oberdorfer Pumps catalog is comprehensive. Whether you are in need of a new pump or replacement parts to repair your existing equipment, you’ll find what you need in our online store.

Industrial Applications of Oberdorfer Pumps

Our positive displacement diaphragm metering pumps are a premium option when you have viscous fluids to move, and you need a high degree of accuracy as you control your flow rate. These pumps are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the following:

  • Paint spraying lines
  • High-volume fried food processing
  • High-pressure washing
  • Fuel transfer

With proper sealing, many of the pumps can also safely handle the metering of corrosive chemicals. Positive displacement pumps are typically self-priming, which can make them safer for factory workers, particularly when dangerous chemicals are involved. Employees do not have to tip containers of fluids in order to use the assistance of gravity to get the flow started. This is a good way to reduce the risk of accidental spillage.

No matter your industrial application, these flow metering pumps are straightforward to use. Adjusting the flow rate of your chemical pump can be as simple as varying the stroke length.

Oberdorfer Pump Maintenance

Because pumps feature moving parts, they wear out over time. To keep your operations running smoothly, we offer replacement parts for many Oberdorfer Pumps products. When you need to repair your pump equipment, we can get you back up and running in no time, whether the problem is in your wet end materials or on the mechanical end of your pump. The following items represent just a selection of the types of products you can find for returning your pumps to working order:

  • Full pump repair kits
  • Teflon seals
  • O-rings
  • Gear assemblies
  • Complete and half couplings

You can explore our Oberdorfer Pumps catalog for a complete list of replacement parts, or get in touch with us if you do not see what you are looking for. We are constantly adding new items to our offerings.

If you are outfitting a new manufacturing line or expanding your current business into new areas, it may be challenging to know exactly what types of equipment you will need to buy. Perhaps you inherited a pump from a previous owner and are unsure of the best options for repairing it. The array of available pump types and parts may seem overwhelming, but we employ a knowledgeable team to help you evaluate your needs. Our engineers, sales team and repair experts are happy to help you understand the pump solutions available to you.

Whenever you find yourself in need of new pumps or parts to repair the pumps you have, contact us and we’ll help you find the right solutions for your problems.


Benefits of Choosing Oberdorfer Pumps

Upgrade your hydraulic system or add a new water pump system to your manufacturing process with Oberdorfer Pumps. These highly rated pumps are available at Pumps and Parts Online at competitive rates. Explore the benefits of choosing this brand of components today.

Versatile Industrial Applications

Diverse industries require specific pump products to power systems. If you’re already using a commercial pump to transfer or circulate liquids, you understand the role these high-powered parts play. Here are some of the most common industries where Oberdorfer Pumps are used:

  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Marine
  • Chemical processing

The type of pump you choose depends on the product or process liquid used in your manufacturing application. These systems are compact enough to be used on heavy equipment around a construction site, but powerful enough to transfer or circulate oil through a large system.

Consider a CHEMSTEEL pump to transfer acids from one reservoir to another. This process requires components that can handle extreme acidity, temperature and other factors. Explore the materials and operations in more detail to determine the optimal choice for your facility.

Durable Material Options

Oberdorfer Pumps have been manufactured for over 100 years. The range of components continues to be refined to keep up with modern manufacturing and processing demands. Here are some typical materials used to keep a system circulating or reliably transfer liquids:

  • Lead-free alloy
  • Bronze
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-metallic materials

Metal components are used for the outer casing and often for gears and impellers. Non-metallic materials, such as various types of rubber and plastic, create seals, flexible impellers and valves for these pumps to operate.

Work with our team at Pumps and Parts Online to determine the optimal material for your application. Compare the expected lifespan, weight, pressure capacity and corrosive factors of each pump material before selecting a category. This can help you narrow down the best unit for your system as you sort through an extensive catalog of highly rated components.

Efficient Operations

From feet of suction lift to max flow and pressure ratings, your pump needs to be sized correctly to achieve efficient operations. An Oberdorfer Pumps unit can be used in an extensive range of applications, but you need to select a design that matches your facility requirements. Consider these basic types of pumps as you explore the range of units available:

  • External gear pumps
  • Motor mount gear
  • Clutch driven gear
  • Centrifugal
  • Flange mounted impeller
  • Pedestal impeller

Any of these can achieve efficient operations, but only in a system appropriately sized and using the optimal liquid-to-pump balance. The same unit can’t effectively circulate water, oil, fuel, acid and caustics, so it’s essential to consider the liquid you’re working with and the pressure required as you shop for pumps.

Explore Oberdorfer Pumps at Pumps and Parts Online

Shop for Oberdorfer Pumps today to enjoy a dependable range of high-quality components. Choose a manufacturer that has been creating industrial solutions since 1890. Discuss your component requirements and see how our online store offers competitive rates and convenient shipping options for your company.


Need a High Quality Pump? Choose Oberdorfer

Whatever your field of expertise, having dependable, high-quality equipment is absolutely essential to the safety and success of your equipment and crew. When looking for the right pump manufacturer, however, the wide selection of options may be overwhelming – and the expected results might be difficult to discern. For many years, engineers and mechanics have set Oberdorfer pumps above many others in the industry. Due to their extensive experience, great quality products, flexibility of application and wide range of dependable pumps, Oberdorfer may be the perfect manufacturer to depend on for your business.

Years of Experience

For over 100 years, Oberdorfer has worked tirelessly to provide a diverse range of industries with high quality gear pumps. Their first bronze gear pump was manufactured in 1890, right when industrialization in the United States was ramping up. Unlike other industrial hopefuls at the time, Oberdorfer’s company focused on creating the perfect pump, rather than making a quick buck on a low-quality part. Since then, Oberdorfer’s dedication to quality, innovation and great design has pushed them to the top of the industry.

Dedication to Quality

Even in the early days, Oberdorfer decided to make quality and customer loyalty more important than selling large orders of gear pumps made of low-cost materials. Oberdorfer pumps are well-known for their great design and long-lasting build. Besides constantly exploring new technology to help improve their processes and engineering, the company also has set out a strong plan to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction all around.

For example, each pump undergoes a rigorous series of quality tests before it ever reaches the hands of a client. Oberdorfer products must reach an extremely high standard, and a great deal of careful craftsmanship goes into every product.

Applicable to Many Industries

Perhaps one of their most helpful traits, Oberdorfer pumps can be found in a wide range of varieties, catering themselves perfectly to all sorts of industrial and commercial business, including aviation, military, pipeline infrastructure, agriculture and more.

With a full selection of models and styles featuring a wide range of construction materials, Oberdorfer has something for every application.

Wide Selection

Four of the main categories of pumps offered by Oberdorfer are as follows:

  • Centrifugal Pumps – Ideal for low viscosity and pressure and high flow. These bronze or plastic pumps are made with few moving parts, making it easy to maintain and avoid lots of wear and tear.
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Gear Pumps – These pumps utilize gears internally or externally to move fluid at a consistent rate. Available in bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, hastelloy-C, filter-press and non-metallic.
  • Flexible Impeller Pumps – Made with proprietary materials proven to increase the impeller’s lifespan, Oberdorfer’s flexible impeller pumps are bi-directional, making them a good fit for general fluid transfer and recirculation.

Need a Pump?

We understand the importance of keeping your systems running smoothly and powerfully. For peace of mind and easy access to high quality parts and pumps from Oberdorfer and other top brands, trust Pumps and Parts Online. Contact us for more information about the parts you need, or call 1-800-536-PUMP (7867).

Quality Pumps for Flow Applications in Multiple Industries

Several brands are associated with expertise in their fields, and Oberdorfer pumps fall into this exclusive category. Since 1890, Oberdorfer has been an industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality and reliable pumps. At Pumps and Parts online we carry a large selection of products that are indispensable for marine, industrial, agricultural, oil and gas, food and beverage and chemical operations. The pumps we offer are made from a variety of materials, including bronze, aluminum, cast iron, steel and various types of plastic. These engineered products are made with a precision that allows for the controlled flow of almost any fluid.

The same quality and craftsmanship go into everything we offer. We have chemical injection and diaphragm metering pumps built to last, making sure fuels, oils, water, caustics and acids flow where they are supposed to. We seek to provide the most dependable pumps on the market. This means less downtime and aggravation for your business and increased efficiency in all of your operations.

Oberdorfer Pumps for Many Applications

Your industry likely has specific needs when it comes to the flow and removal of industrial fluids as well as for precision water treatment. The Oberdorfer team of engineers uses advanced modeling software and adaptable manufacturing techniques to quickly create prototypes for your industry. This allows them to create quality products at affordable prices with reasonable lead times. They specialize in the following products:

  • Gear pumps and parts
  • Rubber impeller pumps and parts
  • Centrifugal pumps and parts
  • Helical rotor pumps and parts
  • Chemsteel pumps and parts

They have built a reputation based on bronze gear pumps that are resistant to corrosion and are known for long life. Over the decades, they have perfected this design to include such features as helical gearing. This innovation enables a greater degree of material contact and customization as well as a hydraulic range that results in a quieter running pump. All of our products are made with the same degree of attention and innovation.

Chemical Pumps for Challenging Applications

The chemical industry must work with some of the most corrosive materials in the industrial realm. For these processes, we offer a chemical pump for nearly every application. The Chemsteel pump line comes in many housing materials. Metallic options come in stainless steel or Alloy C, while Ryton, a high-heat polymer with exceptional dimensional stability, is offered if a non-metallic housing is necessary. Stainless steel gear pumps are some of the most durable pumps on the market today.

As with all of our product lines, we offer a complete line of repair kits and parts to keep your materials flowing. You can also ask about the ability to customize prototypes and parts to fit the needs of your operations.

Whether your business calls for chemical metering or some other specific requirement, we always do our best to meet your needs. At Pumps and Parts Online, we are uniquely positioned to help you manage your industrial fluids with a wide selection of quality products. Call our office today at 1-800-536-PUMP or fill out an online form and we will reach out to you.

Quality Industrial Pumps for Efficient Flow Applications

At Pumps and Parts Online, our thirty years of pump experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide your company with the best products in the industry. Our team of engineers, sales representatives and repair technicians specialize in a large range of pumps as well as the parts to keep them going. We carry a full line of Oberdorfer Pumps for a variety of industrial applications.

This manufacturer has been an industry leader for over a century and makes some of the most sophisticated, reliable pumps on the market. Since the company made its first bronze gear pump in 1890, it has been satisfying customers with quality products noted for innovation and precision design. It makes pumps for flow applications in the marine, agriculture, chemical, transportation and oil and gas industries. Whether your company requires a quality chemical pump or a centrifugal pump, each product is backed by a team of engineers and advanced modeling design software.

A Large Selection of Oberdorfer Pumps and Parts

At Pumps and Parts Online, we are committed to providing engineered products of high quality for our customers. We carry the Oberdorfer name on the following categories of pumps and parts:

  • Gear pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Rubber impeller pumps
  • Helical rotor pumps
  • Chemsteel pumps

These pumps are built to rigorous standards, making sure they will stand up to the heat and other stresses they must endure. This makes them more reliable and less likely to break down. This durability saves your company money and keeps your operation going. These high standards serve a variety of demanding industries that keep the economy moving forward.

The many uses for pumps in varied industries call for versatility and innovation. That is why we stock pumps in a variety of materials and configurations to meet the needs of diverse industries. Our pumps can handle processes such as chemical metering and other complex tasks. We also carry diaphragm metering pumps for dealing with toxic or noxious fluids.

An Option To Pick From Several Manufacturers

We understand the assorted needs of different industries. For this reason, we carry a select list of pumps from some of the most trusted names in the field of flow applications, whether it is moving the remains of the food and beverage industry or dealing with the positive displacement of oil and gas. When looking for the best pump to maximize the productivity of your operation, you can find the following brands at Pumps and Parts Online:

  • Finish Thompson Pumps
  • Calpeda Pumps
  • Pulsafeeder
  • Continental Pumps
  • Schleyer Pumps
  • Franklin Electric Pumps

We also carry products by Caster Pumps, Lutz Pumps, MP Pumps and FTI Air Pumps. With this large selection, you can find the best products for water treatment processing or the efficient distribution of other liquids through your plant or machines. We look to meet your flow application needs no matter what they are.

Our team is in place to find solutions for your specific application. Our goal is your satisfaction, and in addition to quality pumps, we carry the repair and replacement parts to keep things moving. Send us a message today and let us know how we can help.

Oberdorfer N202M Rubber Impeller Pump



What You Need to Know About Oberdorfer Pumps

If you’re in charge of purchasing at your factory or worksite, you need to find reliable suppliers of fuel, energy, and raw materials. You also need to identify potential replacement part manufacturers for when your machines stop working. The next time you need pumps, consider investing in Oberdorfer pumps.

Oberdorfer Pumps

What Are Oberdorfer Pumps?

Oberdorfer Pumps, which dates from 1890, is a leader in the pump industry. Their products are known for their durability, customization, and versatility. They also regularly update their design process to take advantage of manufacturing updates and ensure that their pumps are competitive in this rapidly changing industry.

Which Industries Use Them?

Oberdorfer pumps are popular in the farming, marine drilling, and chemical manufacturing industries. Depending on their construction, these pumps can handle water, oil, and chemical exposure. If you’re ordering a batch, make sure that you specify what industry you work in. For example, if you need a chemical pump for manufacturing a cleaner, ordering one that is rated for deep-sea use won’t help you.

What Materials Do They Use?

Oberdorfer makes pumps out of a variety of substances. If you need a metal pump, you have options:

  • Hastelloy C
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron

You can also order plastic pumps if you’re worried about conductivity.

What Kind of Pumps Are Available?

Oberdorfer manufactures pumps for many purposes. If you need a pump to move a certain dose of liquid between two containers, choose Orberdorfer’s diaphragm metering pumps. If you want to use rotary gears to manage your positive displacement, check out the selection of rotary gear pumps. If you want longer-lasting products, choose a rubber impeller pump, which also uses rotary gears.

How Do You Maintain Them?

Your pumps’ maintenance depends on what substance they are submerged in and how often you use them. Every time you inspect your pumps, make note of how well they are sealed and whether they’re overheating. Keep track of the dates when your pumps start needing maintenance so you can make a schedule for future repairs.

When it’s time to service your pumps, clean out any fluids and debris. Check for and replace broken gears, snapped impellers, and worn metal or rubber components. Make sure that all the gears turn smoothly and that nothing is rattling or shaking. When in doubt, reach out to the manufacturer for help fixing a problem.

How Long Do They Last?

Most pumps last between 10 and 12 years, but yours may last longer if you service them regularly and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, they outlast the motors that they’re paired with, so ensure that your replacement motor is compatible with your Oberdorfer pump.

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Finding the Pump That’s Right for You

Pumps make handling liquids a cinch for a variety of industrial, agricultural, and residential applications. Some Pulsafeeder pumps are even designed with added tools for more specific applications. Our selection of pumps is quite extensive, and our experienced sales team here at Pumps and Parts Online can help you figure out exactly what pump is best suited for your needs.

Oberdorfer Pumps

Transferring Difficult Liquids

The most common application of a pump involves transferring liquid from one place to another via a piping system. For example, construction workers may use pumps to drain a flooded area after heavy rainfall, or farmers may need to transfer water for their irrigation systems. However, not everyone works with water. Some industries require the regular transfer of harsh liquids such as acids, cleaning agents, and reactive chemicals, all of which can break down equipment over time. Pumps that are constructed with chemically resistant materials can withstand damage from such liquids.

Certain liquids may be physically abrasive rather than chemically. If you work with slurries, greases, or wastewater, you may need a heavy-duty pump designed to transfer liquids that are dense or filled with solids.

Conditioning Your Water

Water conditioning is generally broken down into two categories: softening and treating. Hard water can cause unseemly spots on dishware, affect the quality of your skin and hair, and decrease the life span of your plumbing and your water-based appliances. Pumps that are designed to filter out excess minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron can soften your water and help avoid these issues.

Depending on your application, you may need to disinfect your water, filter chemicals, or control the pH. Water treatment is particularly important for pools or drinking water, but no matter the reason you want to purify your water, water-conditioning diaphragm pumps can help.

Monitoring Your Pump

If you want peace of mind, you can find a pump with a robust monitoring system. Certain metering pumps have microprocessors that allow for high accuracy metering control, complete with an LCD display that allows for personalized configuration of alarm signals, low liquid level sensors, and relay outputs.

Requiring Flexibility and Versatility

Not everyone has the time to use their pump manually. If you plan on using your pump on a regular schedule, automation can come in handy. Many pumps have built-in timers for you to be able to program a number of on/off cycles, adding flexibility to your work.

Versatility can also be a lucrative asset. Most Pulsafeeder pumps are made of water-resistant material, which makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor use without risking elemental damage. Some pumps are even rated as submersible in water. Additionally, if you need to use a pump remotely, check out pumps that can be powered with direct current.

Finding What You Need

All pumps will be rated for different flow rates and pressures and have their own special perks that make them designed for specific applications. If you can’t find exactly what you need on our website, don’t worry! Chances are your dream pump can be custom ordered.

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Examining the Benefits of Pulsafeeder Pumps

Wastewater is that which has been used in a home, business or industrial scenario. It is generated after the use of fresh water. Depending on where that water has been used, and for what purpose, it could contain any number of bacteria, chemicals and other harmful, even toxic, elements. Pulsafeeder pumps are often employed with great success to aid in wastewater disposal in various scenarios.

What Are Pulsafeeder Pumps?

This is a brand of chemical feed pump that injects chemicals into the water to help clean it before it flows out into the environment. They use a formula to come up with a predetermined amount of chemicals that are used to correct objectionable conditions. Some examples of these objectionable agents include dissolving iron and hydrogen sulfide. These pumps also address low pH and sanitizing.

Pulsatron pumps allow for greater control in monitoring, helping to lower downtime and keep things running smoothly. Pulsatron chemical metering pumps allow users to adjust the stroke length and the stroke rate. They are adjustable single-head metering pumps with double-ball check valves and leak-free sealless liquid ends. These pumps are internally dampened to reduce noise and are water resistant so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Why Is Wastewater Treatment Important?

Wastewater treatment is important because it aims to remove harmful elements from the water to avoid poisoning people, animals and the environment. It also aims to remove the suspended solids that are in wastewater before the effluent, which is the remaining water, is discharged back into the environment.

North America and Europe produce about 67 billion cubic meters of wastewater annually. The world produces about 359 billion cubic meters of wastewater each year. If all of these fluids made it back into the environment in the form of toxic sludge and other chemically enhanced fluids, the planet would likely have an acute reaction to the volume of toxicity.

Wastewater treatment, or lack thereof, can even affect people’s drinking water, as rivers and streams can get flooded with toxic or otherwise unsafe agents. Plants and wildlife also suffer.

Diaphragm Pumps Are Incredibly Useful

Although metering pumps are critically important for ensuring that only a certain amount of fluid travels through the pump at a certain interval of time, there are other pump models that have tremendous merit. Both metering and diaphragm pumps are widely used across industries.

Diaphragm pumps are so versatile that they are used in just about every industry that requires fluid transfer. They’re often used for water removal or dewatering in many different industry scenarios. Because of their efficiency and accuracy, they’re used for filling, dispensing and metering.

Why Choose Pulsafeeder Pumps?

Pulsafeeder pumps are rugged and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. They are dynamic and versatile in their ability to remove harmful agents like solvents, cleaning agents and so much more. Discharging pollutants back into the earth and water is bad for everyone and there are stringent EPA-enforced laws that monitor such discharge. If you want to learn more about Pulsafeeder products or need Pulsatron pump parts, visit Pumps and Parts Online today and you’ll have that treated water flowing tomorrow.

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