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You’ve been thinking about adding a pool to your backyard for years. As another summer approaches, you’re seriously considering installing one. From the color of your new pool’s surroundings to the PulsaFeeder pumps that will meet your water treatment needs, here are four things to keep in mind as you plan your personal paradise.

PulsaFeeder Pump

Ensure Compliance With Community Laws and Rules
Research your city’s or county’s requirements for renovations and additions to your home or property and obtain the necessary permits. If you are subject to the rules of an HOA, be sure to comply with them, too, to avoid costly fines or worse down the line. The laws and rules you’re subject to may specify building aspects, such as how close the pool can be to your property line, how big it can be, and perhaps even what colors or special features it is allowed to have.

Check With Your Mortgage and Insurance Companies
If you don’t yet own your home outright, your mortgage company might have a thing or two to say about major modifications. It could ban them outright, or it may have certain restrictions in place. Make sure you meet its requirements before you break ground.

It’s also important to examine your homeowner’s insurance policy. Will you need to make changes? Can you get the range of protection you need against unexpected incidents, such as damage caused by leaks or liability in the event of a visitor’s injury?
Consider seeking temporary coverage during the construction phase, as well. If your insurance company doesn’t offer what you need, shop around for one that does.
Find Equipment That Meets Your Needs and Your Budget
Making sure you have the right things to keep your pool safe, clean and functional is as important as any other step:
• If you have kids or pets, or if you’ll have some visiting frequently, consider installing a barrier around the pool to keep them safe from hazards when it’s not pool time.
• Having a cover that’s easy to add and remove is one of the most effective ways to keep pests (both the bug and animal varieties) out of your water.
• PulsaFeeder pumps will provide the accurate chemical metering needed to keep pool water pH-balanced and sanitized.

Throw In a Bit of Poolside Entertainment
Of course, what’s a pool without a few things to play with while you’re swimming? Adding some beach balls, floaty toys and a volleyball net are certainly fun. When you really want to party, an outdoor TV and speaker system might be just the splurge you’re looking for. Turn on your favorite sports team or start a music video stream, and kick back poolside for hours with your closest family and friends.
Installing a pool might seem like a daunting undertaking, but taking the time and making the effort for due diligence can help ensure enjoyment for years to come. Overcome by options? Remember that you’re not alone! There are experts you can reach out to at the various stages of your build. Count on those at Pumps and Parts Online for advice on the best PulsaFeeder pump for your new pool.

Choosing the Right PulsaFeeder Pump for Your Water Treatment Needs

There are a lot of pump brands out there, and when you’re considering what is right for the water treatment plant you manage, there are some things you need to take a close look at. PulsaFeeder pumps are some of the highest quality chemical pumps on the market, with features that make them beneficial in any water metering setting. The following are some things to consider when you’re trying to decide between models.


Though wastewater treatment is at the top of the list when it comes to applications for diaphragm metering pumps, there are some other important applications they can be used for. Understanding the purpose behind a pump can help you determine which model will be best suited for your needs. Some other applications include PH balancing, boiler water treatment, and coagulation.

Boiler water treatment uses ammonia, phosphate, and an oxygen scavenger, ultimately turning out very clean steam. Coagulation requires binding impurities in water. If you’re pumping a thicker substance, you’ll need a special fluid end to keep it functioning well. As you can see, these run quite differently and will each require a different type of pump. Some industries where PulsaFeeder pumps are commonly used include:

  • Mining and mineral extraction
  • Food and drink services
  • Irrigation and agriculture applications
  • Dye and paint production
  • Automotive manufacturing and maintenance
  • Chemical processing
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Pool and spa treatment and maintenance

Functional Features

After you have become familiar with the application for your pump, it’s important you consider the functional features as well. Every pump functions differently and you should be sure you’re investing in the right product. When making this determination, consider:

  • The temperature of the contents you intend to pump
  • The type of fluids that will run through the pump
  • The inlet and outlet pressure on average
  • The processed fluid flow rate
  • The viscosity of the fluid that the pump holds

There’s a possibility you don’t understand each of these functions, and that’s ok. Working with a professional who is well-versed in PulsaFeeder pumps, you can quickly determine how each function works and which pump will be the best to handle all of those functions.


Be sure you discuss your weather conditions with a pump professional before making a purchase. There are certain pumps that work more efficiently under different types of weather conditions. One pump may be able to withstand freezing temperatures, while another may do better in the heat, and if you have the wrong pump installed, you could end up with serious damage. For example, if you install a pump that doesn’t do well in colder weather, you could face the risk of shattered casings or a leak in the gasket.

Making That Choice

After understanding more about your pump application, functional features, and location, you’ll be better equipped to make the decision about which pump to choose. One thing is certain: When you choose a PulsaFeeder pump, you’re choosing a high-quality product with many options for a variety of purposes. They are great for petroleum industries, municipal entities, petrochemical plants, and a variety of industrial applications. As a smart investment, you can plan to have a pump that will give you many years of service. Get started today by contacting Pumps and Parts Online to learn more about PulsaFeeder and which model might be right for you.

Finding the Right Pump for the Job

From water treatment facilities and car washes to paper mills and chemical processing plants, fluid pumps see widespread commercial and industrial use. Manufacturers like Flowserve, All-Flo, Pfeiffer Vacuum and PulsaFeeder Pumps all provide the equipment that fulfills the needs of these industries. There is no “one size fits all” pump, though—companies have standards that the pumps they use must meet for performance, reliability and safety. Identifying the proper pump to use comes down to understanding the industry standards, how these pumps function and the applications they’re used for.

Types of Pumps

Pumps vary in the means by which they transfer fluids. Though the mechanisms used cover a wide range of options, there are two fundamental classifications for the underlying principles of fluid transfer.

  • Positive displacement pumps trap and move fixed volumes of fluid via an expanding chamber on the suction end and a contracting chamber on the discharge end. Some mechanisms involved include gears, screws, pistons, plungers and rotary vanes.
  • Dynamic pumps, also called velocity pumps, use impellers to convert mechanical energy to kinetic energy within the fluid, generating fluid velocity that propels the fluid through the system. Centrifugal pumps are a common subset.

Displacement pumps are preferred when a fixed transfer rate is necessary, such as with chemical metering pumps; stroke length, rather than pressure, determines the rate of flow. Dynamic pumps, however, can potentially generate higher lift if the required pressure is supplied, and they are more efficient and easier to manufacture in general.

Matching Pumps to Fluids

Pumping fresh water differs from pumping oil, chemical slurry or fluids containing solids. A typical water pump won’t handle oils well, and an oil pump wouldn’t be effective for water either. The mechanical traits of the fluids you’re working with are key to picking the right pump.

Viscosity is one of the biggest dividers between displacement and dynamic pumps. Pistons, vanes and other displacement mechanisms work well for highly viscous fluids that respond poorly to the impellers in dynamic pumps—they can’t generate the necessary pressure, but displacement pumps don’t need high pressure to function. Shear sensitive fluids that change viscosity when force is applied also transfer more effectively with displacement pumps. Thin fluids, including water with little to no solids suspended in it, are easy to pump with centrifuges, though.

For corrosive or abrasive fluids, larger, slower pumps experience less wear than smaller pumps with higher flow rate. Some displacement pumps, such as diaphragm pumps, are more resilient because of this. However, many dynamic pumps designed for chemicals feature corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel, bronze or nickel alloys.

Consulting With Experts

Pumps and Parts Online is equipped with a wide inventory of products and over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our sales team and engineers are prepared to connect you to the pumps and components you need, and our repair team stands ready to aid you in fixing or replacing your equipment. Customer satisfaction remains our top goal, and our low prices and free shipping are part of that as well. Contact us today to get started!

How Diaphragm Metering Pumps Help Your Business

From water treatment and irrigation to pharmaceuticals and chemical processing, precise and reliable fluid transfer matters greatly in many industries. For many of these situations, PulsaFeeder pumps are the solution. Made to drive a measured volume of fluid over a given time period, PulsaFeeder’s diaphragm metering pumps come in various designs and see use in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Learn more about how these pumps work and how to find one that works the best for you.

Principles of Metering Pumps

Metering pumps fall under the category of what are called positive displacement pumps—pumps that work by trapping a fixed volume of fluid from an input or reservoir and displacing it into a discharge pipe. The pump uses a mechanism such as a piston, rotary gear or diaphragm to do this. A metering pump is designed specifically for accurate adjustment of volumetric flow rate. With a consistent stroke length, the flow rate is constant and independent of discharge pressure, provided minimal leakage.

Diaphragm metering pumps, in particular, operate via an oscillating central diaphragm, driven by a hydraulic shaft, and a set of check valves. As the membrane bows outward, the inlet valve opens as a vacuum is created; then, when the diaphragm pushes back inward, the inlet valve closes and the outlet valve opens, allowing the fluid to be driven out. The diaphragm is sealed tightly to minimize leakage.

Metering Pump Applications

For many simple pumping operations such as supplying water, an exact flow rate is less important—as long as there’s any fluid transfer and no pipes are leaking, it doesn’t especially matter if the flow rate isn’t constant. Other operations, though, demand a reliable metering pump; often, these involve mixing ingredients in specific proportions or effectively portioning fluids to be distributed or injected. Some examples are:

  • mixing beverages such as soda in large batches,
  • applying fertilizer or insecticide evenly across fields,
  • production of pharmaceuticals,
  • managing pH balances in water treatment or mineral extraction at mines,
  • mixing water and cleaning solutions for washing cars, machinery, dishes and silverware, etc.;
  • safely metering out potentially caustic or toxic chemicals in manufacturing, and more.

Selecting a Metering Pump

Choosing a good metering pump for your facility involves more than just meeting the required flow rate. Consider where and how the pump will be used and what needs it must fulfill. For instance, what environment will the pump be operating in? Assess what conditions and temperatures the pump must operate in. The fluid being transferred is also significant, especially if it’s extremely hot or cold, has high viscosity, contains suspended solids or reacts chemically with certain materials; specialized pumps may be necessary. Also, when considering the volumetric flow rate and discharge pressure, allow for a buffer between the expected parameters and the pump’s maximum tolerance so that you can safely adjust the flow as needed and the pump can withstand spikes in activity.

Consulting with suppliers helps you find the right metering pump for the job, brought to you from top manufacturers in the industry. When you need a PulsaFeeder pump you can count on, contact Pumps and Parts Online.

Benefits and Applications of Pulsafeeder Pumps

Power your industry with a leading pump brand and design. Pulsafeeder pumps offer a wide range of designs and industrial applications to keep wastewater, potable water or other liquids moving. Explore the primary types of pumps, industries served and benefits of ordering Pulsafeeder pumps from Pumps and Parts Online.

Types of Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder is a leading pump brand that offers a number of types of metering pumps, diaphragm pumps and electric pumps. Here are a few pump styles to consider as you look for a replacement component or aftermarket upgrade for your system:

  • PULSAtron pumps
  • MEC-O-MATIC pumps
  • Blackline
  • Blackline Pro
  • Chem-Tech pumps

Each style is designed for a different range of typical applications. For example, the PULSAtron series of pumps work best to move cleaning agents, acids, polymers, solvents or other liquids. The Chem-Tech line, however, is best used for water conditioning projects.

Industries That Use Pulsafeeder Pumps

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Pulsafeeder pump is the diverse range of industrial applications. This reliable brand has components that can operate in a number of demanding situations without compromising the safety or efficiency of your process. Search for a pump designed for one of these industries to see if it can fit your requirements:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Cooling tower
  • Food and beverage sanitation/disinfection
  • Irrigation
  • Municipal or residential potable water
  • Ballast water

Not every pump can fit each of these industries, so it’s important to carefully compare your options. Choose a product that won’t corrode or clog in your situation and has the output necessary to keep up with the required volume of liquid in your commercial or residential application.

Benefits of High-Quality Pumps

When you choose a Pulsefeeder pump, you’re choosing a dependable product that’s specifically designed for industrial use. Consider one of these components to replace your damaged water treatment or as you install a new irrigation system to enjoy these benefits:

  • Industry expertise: Pulsafeeder produces pumps that compete with other leading brands in your industry. The PULSAtron pump series, for example, has gone through numerous product improvements for more than 10 years.
  • Dependable construction: Sturdy casings, reliable solenoids and dynamic pumping power ensure you purchase a pump that’s built to last. Blackline Pro pumps come with a double-sided PTFE-faced diaphragm for uncompromising quality.
  • Efficient cooling: Choose a PULSAtron pump with a fin-cooled solenoid for efficient cooling. Don’t let your essential pump overheat due to demanding industrial requirements.
  • Variable orientation design: For more flexible installation options, the Blackline Pro pump offers variable gearbox orientation. Orient it between 0 and 90 degrees for flexible use.

Some of these benefits are specific to a particular line of Pulsafeeder pumps, while others come with all components manufactured by this leading brand. Consider the features you need for your application as you compare different pump options.

Explore the Pulsafeeder Line With Pumps and Parts Online

Pumps and Parts Online is your leading source for convenient and affordable PULSAtron pump parts. Shop today to see how you can order an affordable, industry-leading pump for your specific industrial application.

3 Types of Pulsafeeder Pumps and How They Work

If you’re looking for a water treatment solution or a replacement for your water metering pump, we offer a variety of Pulsafeeder pumps that can be customized for your unique needs and specifications. A leader in the industry for liquid handling technology, Pulsafeeder pumps are known for their reliability, accuracy, and safety.

Here’s an overview of three types of Pulsafeeder pumps with the features and benefits of each.

1. Pulsatron Metering Pumps

Available in nine series, Pulsatron metering pumps handle a variety of applications including acids, solvents, polymers, caustics, pH control, cleaning agents, catalyst, and more.

Pulsatron pumps have a guided check valve system and “seat and ball” design providing accurate and reliable metering. All pumps are carefully tested to ensure pressure and flow ratings meet required specifications.

Featuring a thermally protected Solenoid enclosure, the pump is protected from extreme temperatures. An automatic reset feature cools and restarts the pump when needed preventing it from seizing in hot conditions.

Pulsatron pumps can be specially configured for each customer with customized wet-end materials to meet the requirements of your target application.

2. MEC-O-MATIC Peristaltic Pumps

MEC-O-MATIC Peristaltic pumps are designed to handle slurry and chemical solution metering. Common applications include boilers, water treatment, wastewater treatment, swimming pools, cooling towers, laundries, livestock, warewashing, and metal finishing.

Dependable and built to last, this line features a pump case molded from a chemical resistant ABS, heavy-duty bearings, and heat-treated metal gearing parts.

The MEC-O-MATIC line comes in three series:

  • MEC-O-MATIC 2400T Series, with a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GDP, max psi of 25, with silicone or vicon tubing
  • MEC-O-MATIC VSP Series, with a maximum flow rate of 12 to 20 GDP, max psi of 25, with silicone, vicon, or norprene tubing
  • MEC-O-MATIC Dolphin Series, with a maximum flow rate of 13 to 97 GDP, max psi of 25, with vicon, norprene, or black norprene tubing. 

3. Chem-Tech Series 100/150 Pumps

Chem-Tech 100/150 series pumps are widely used for water conditioning globally. These models are compact in form and offer quiet and consistent metering. Featuring motorized diaphragm technology, these pumps are long-lasting and dependable.

The 100 series handles pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar) and a flow range of less than 3 GDP (0.47 lph). The 150 series is built on the same platform as the 100 series but has higher flower rates up to 100 GDP (15.76 lph) and a maximum pressure of 60 psi (4.2 bar).

Some key features of the Chem-Tech Series 100/150 pumps include the ability to dose two chemicals at different rates, feed rate control, a guided quad check valve system, and a standard bleed valve assembly.

Not Sure What Model you Need or Have Other Questions?

Pumps and Parts offers a wide selection of pumps for a variety of applications. Contact us today if you need help or have a specific question — we’re here to help! Our team of engineers and repair service experts is ready to assist you in choosing the right product or parts for your water treatment needs.

Pulsafeeder Pumps — Fluid Handling Solutions for Any Industry

A leader in fluids handling technology, Pulsafeeder offers a line of metering pumps and water treatment options for a variety of applications across multiple industries. From municipal water and swimming pools to livestock and wastewater treatment, Pulsafeeder pumps provide reliable, top-quality solutions for a variety of industries including:

PulsaFeeder Pump

Food and Beverage

Pulsafeeder pumps provide effective disinfection and sanitation solutions for the food and beverage industry and affordable low-flow chemical injection, water reuse, and pre-treatment programs. Some common products include the Pulsatron pump and the Mec-O-Matic pump, which handle applications including distilleries, wineries, breweries, bottling, and animal feed.

Agriculture and Livestock

From treatment of irrigation lines, adjusting pH levels, and sanitization, to injecting insecticides and fertilizers, Pulsafeeder pumps provide a variety of safe and efficient options for agriculture and livestock applications. Products for agriculture applications include the Pulsatron, MicroVision, and Blackline pumps.

Potable Water 

Pulsafeeder provides many solutions for residential and municipal drinking water treatment including well water disinfection and pH control, water conditioning, RO maintenance, and rust or iron removal. Common products include Pulsatron pumps and Chem-Tech pumps.

Waste Water

Common Pulsafeeder products for residential wastewater treatment include Pulsatron, Chem-Tech, Mec-O-Matic, MicroVision, and Blackline diaphragm pumps. Pulsafeeder pumps provide wastewater treatment solutions for applications including chemical injection, pH adjustment, antiscalant, coagulation, and flocculation.

Boiler Water Treatment

Pulsafeeder pumps and controllers help optimize boilers and increase efficiency by effectively metering phosphates, corrosion inhibitors, and sodium bisulfate, and by preventing scaling. Common products include Pulsatron metering pumps and MicroVision controllers.


An important part of a ship’s operating safety, ballast water helps provide weight stability and reduces stress on the hull. During long voyages across the globe, invasive aquatic species and pathogens can be carried from one part of the world to another.

Ballast water treatment is required to prevent these harmful organisms from being transferred into the environment. Pulsatron metering pumps and Blackline diaphragm pumps provide effective water treatment solutions for this type of application and help meet ballast water exchange and performance standards.


Pulsafeeder’s diaphragm pumps provide options for carwash operations including effectively handling soaps and rinses, adjustability, and ability to start and stop frequently. Common products include the Pulstraon and Mec-O-Matic metering pumps.

Swimming Pools

For residential and commercial swimming pool upkeep and safety, Pulsafeeder’s chemical metering pumps provide affordable options for chlorine injection, corrosion control, and pH adjustment. Products include Pulstron pumps, Mec-O-Matic pumps, and Chem-Tech metering pumps.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Pulsafeeder’s Pulsatron and MicrocVision pumps provide water treatment for cooling towers including disinfection, fluoride upkeep, and pH adjustment. Pulsatron pumps and MicroVision pumps are common products for this type of application.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about fluids handling or need help determining which type of metering pump or other water treatment solution you need, our experts are happy to help you choose the right Pulsafeeder product for your specific industry and application. We also provide a variety of Pulsatron pump parts and offer repair services for all of your water treatment needs. Contact us today at 1-800-536-PUMP (7867) or for specific questions send an email to sales@pumpsandpartsonline.com.

Meter Fluids Automatically With Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series A Plus Metering Pump

Pulsafeeder pumps can make a variety of industrial and commercial processes easier. They meter and control the movement of fluids and chemicals so you don’t have to worry about it. Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • pH balancing
  • boiler water treatment
  • coagulation applications

Typically, there are multiple chemical additives used in boiler water treatment (including ammonia, phosphate, and amine). It’s important to send these chemicals slowly into the boiler to improve the operating efficiency of the boiler. Keep in mind that your steam production will be more productive the cleaner your water is.

To try and maintain the ideal pH balance in your boiler is a huge responsibility to handle. It’s easy to make human errors that can lead to issues with your steam production and boiler function. Fortunately, Pulsatron pump parts are designed to work automatically and meter out the precise amount of chemicals necessary. These pumps are accurate and consistent so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They’ll give you the peace of mind that the job will be done right.

When choosing the right pump for your water treatment needs, you just need to consider what chemicals you’re using and what type of pump you need for a particular application. Once you figure out this part, you can select diaphragm pumps that work perfectly for your needs.

Reasons To Get a Pulsafeeder Metering Pump

If you’re not sure whether you really need metering pumps, here are a few of the top reasons to consider a Pulsafeeder pump (based on the industry you’re in).

  • Food and Drink: In the beverage industry, you need to follow recipes to perfection if you want them to turn out correctly. Using a metering pump can help ensure that you get the balance of ingredients just right and don’t end up with wasted batches.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: Whether you’re dealing with insecticides or fertilizers, Pulsafeeder pumps can help you get the ideal amount of chemicals and materials for your crops. These pumps help you distribute the perfect amount of necessary solutions to your fields so you get the best results.
  • Chemical Processing: Pulsatron pumps help you get the right balance of chemicals when dealing with precision chemical processing.
  • Paint and Dye Production: There is zero room for mistakes when you’re working with paints and dyes. You’ll have confidence that you’re getting the right color whenever you use a metering pump.
  • Automotives: When you work in the automotive industry, you need precision when blending solutions during the manufacturing process. Metering pumps can help you obtain the level of precision you need.
  • Mining and Minerals: In the mining industry, you need to control the pH balance of solutions used for fracking or mineral extractions. Pulsafeeder pumps can deliver the accuracy you require.

These are just a few of the most common industries that use metering pumps to help them obtain the level of accuracy they require.

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The Reliability and Safety of Pulsafeeder Pumps

When it comes to diaphragms pumps, no one builds them better than Pulsafeeder. When you are looking for consistent and accurate output in your water treatment plant, Pulsafeeder pumps should be your choice. The range of pumps offered by Pulsatron will deliver fluid in extremely precise flow rates, an important element of operating plants requiring chemical dosing and more. Boiling water treatment, PH balancing, and coagulation applications are some of the more common industrial applications for diaphragm parts.

The Choice for Safety

Working with chemicals presents several safety risks. Skin contact with chemicals can cause burns and other injuries, but chemicals should not be released into the environment either. Breathing in chemical molecules is another risk to a person’s health, but chemicals that find their way into the air or ground can contaminate the natural habitat of nearby plants and animals. Without the correct dosing of chemicals, you increase the risk of serious consequences from chemical contamination.

Metering pumps consistently move liquid according to a programmed volumetric flow rate. Using the wrong chemicals with the wrong materials can interrupt this accuracy. A mismatched pairing of chemicals and materials can cause various pump parts to corrode, leading to leaks throughout the process line. Not only does this present contamination issues, but it also creates inaccurate pump results. Pulsatron pump parts are highly resistant to chemical corrosions, providing peace of mind that your treatment won’t be at risk of over or under-dosing.

The Consistency of Chemical Dosing

Wastewater treatment is one of the most common uses of a diaphragm metering pump. This process can be complex and involve a number of chemicals. The most commonly used chemical is bleach, which is one of the more difficult to handle. It tends to be highly corrosive on just about every metal that is repeatedly in contact with it. Additionally, bleach cannot be mixed with reducing agents like ammonia. To prevent the pump from being gas bound, a vent valve needs to be installed. If your plant uses a concentrated solution of sulfuric acid for PH balancing, choose an Alloy 20, cast iron or steel pump. Plastics are acceptable with a diluted concentration.

Sodium bisulfate is a dechlorinated agent often included in wastewater processes. A mixer is generally needed to keep the liquid in the metering-pump supply tank, and a plastic or 316 stainless steel pump can be used with sodium bisulfate. For concentrated solutions of sodium hydroxide, there is a risk of gelling in the pump when the pump is left idle. Using a special pump head or flush valve reduces this possibility. Use a high-viscosity head when handling an emulsion polymer, This coagulant is used to dewater the equipment, but it is shear-sensitive and extremely viscous.

Choose Pulsafeeder Pumps for Reliable Results

Pulsatron pumps have the ability to withstand the wear and tear of chemicals agents and provide precisely measured liquids in a number of industrial applications. This consistency not only ensures the success of your treatment processes or other applications but also promotes the safety of your employees, the environment and the end-users for your services or product. Contact us today to find out more.

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series E

How a Pulsafeeder Pump Can Help Your Business

Pulsafeeder pumps work by controlling and metering the movement of various chemicals so you get a measured amount at all times. These pumps can be used to make various processes (both commercial and industrial) easier.

It can be very challenging to achieve and maintain the desired pH balance in any boiler system. It involves adding various types of chemical additives to your boiler water treatment. Often, these chemicals include amine, phosphate, and ammonia.

Getting chemical measurements wrong in your boiler can potentially be disastrous. Fortunately, Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps can automate this process to make sure it’s always done properly and without human errors. Even the most skilled workers can easily add the wrong amount of chemicals to a boiler. This could potentially result in improper oiler function and could cause problems with its steam production.

Pulsatron pump parts are specifically designed to meter out chemicals in a very precise way. Once these metering pumps are set, you can rely on them to do their jobs accurately. They’ll help ensure optimal steam production and boiler efficiency.

How Pulsafeeder Pumps Work

Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps work by metering the right amounts of chemicals into your boiler water treatment to ensure the cleanest water possible. The cleaner your water is, the more likely your boiler will be to produce a good amount of steam.

Top Reasons To Get a Pulsafeeder Pump

There are a lot of good reasons to get a Pulsafeeder or Pulsatron pump. Many different industries rely on these pumps to help them with wastewater treatment and recipe production. Here are some of the top industries that utilize these pumps to help them achieve precise measurements of chemicals, ingredients and other substances.

  • Chemical Processing: When you process chemicals, it’s essential to get the right balance. A Pulsatron pump will ensure you end up with precise chemical mixtures.
  • Food and Drink: A metering pump can help you get the perfect balance of ingredients and additives when you work in the food and beverage industries. These pumps are very useful for creating accurate recipes and avoiding waste.
  • Automotive: During the automotive manufacturing process, achieving precise blends of solutions is imperative. Pulsafeeder pumps can help you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture: Fertilizers and insecticides are created using carefully measured chemicals and other materials. Pulsafeeder pumps can make this process easier so you distribute the ideal amount of chemicals in your products.
  • Minerals and Mining: If you’re involved in mineral extractions or fracking, you need to make sure the solutions you use are pH balanced. Metering pumps can help ensure you get the right mixture of ingredients for your needs.

As you can see, Pulsafeeder pumps are highly versatile and can be useful for a variety of industries.

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Chemical Contact Suitable for Pulsafeeder Pumps

Water treatment plants are one of the many industrial applications for Pulsafeeder pumps. These products help reduce water consumption during treatments processes and reduce the manpower needed to achieve effective and safe delivery of treatment chemicals. Metering pumps are designed to accurately and efficiently deliver a specified amount of fluid according to a measured flow rate. These quality pumps are suited for a variety of chemical contact.

Durability of Pulsatron Pumps

Water treatment plants consistently rely on the use of chemicals during the treatment process, and these can easily corrode and destroy the pumps and equipment these liquids pass through. While maintenance and replacement with Pulsatron pump parts can keep these plants running, Pulsafeeder products were specifically designed to address the potential for problems through their construction. The resulting durability allows for use with a number of chemicals.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Also known as bleach, this chemical oxidizes molecules in bacteria cells and kills them. It is a harsh chemical that creates problems from “off-gassing,” but the metering pump allows the gas bubbles to pass through the head of the pump and reduce the potential for loss-of-prime. In particular, the Hypo-Valve configuration mitigates off-gassing risks.


Water treatment plants see the creation of foam when the treatment elements are mixed with surfactants. This buildup can reduce the efficiency of the plant and interrupt the treatment process. Plants can use a defoamer to prevent this accumulation, but the dosing must be accurate and in line with the flow control of the process. The wide range of chemical materials a Pulsafeeder diaphragm pump can handle makes them a preferred choice for municipalities all over the world.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical helps remove metals like manganese and iron from the water, but it is also increasingly used to help disinfect wastewater treatment plants. The high concentrations needed for disinfection increase the risk of harm to people, which means the dosing process must be airtight with no leaks. Diaphragm pumps have a reputation for being able to handle repeated dosing of dangerous chemicals with extreme precision. This reliability keeps plants in compliance with safety requirements for both employees and consumers.

PH Control

As plants process water for treatment, human consumption needs require absolute cleanliness and disinfection. However, it is also important that returning wastewater be safe for the environment. Treatment facilities generally need to adjust the pH when adding chemicals like sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. Without the precision application of these chemicals, the entire balance of the process can get thrown off. Proper dosing makes it possible for all of the dissolved waste to be completely separate and removed before it is discharged out into a natural body of water.

Reliability of Results

Whether it’s a private company or municipality treating water, great care is required to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and that any results are safe for the environment and human consumption. The demand for precision and reliability needed in these situations can be met by Puslafeeder pumps. Whether you need a pump or replacement parts, you can shop the selection at Pumps and Parts Online.

Pulsafeeder Pumps Work To Provide Clean Water

Pulsafeeder pumps do vital work in treating both drinking and wastewater and providing services in many other industries. These pumps play a crucial role in improving water.

How Pulsafeeder Pumps Treat Water

Wastewater treatment plants remove solids and pollutants from industrial and sewage water so that that water can be reintroduced into nature. Water treatment plants protect your drinking water from dangerous microorganisms.

Our diaphragm pumps bring sewage or industrial water into the plants. These pumps are excellent for this purpose because they’re capable of handling fluid loaded with solids. They pump this liquid in at a constant rate without overheating.

Metering Pumps Work Powerfully To Treat Industrial Water

Industrial water must be filtered to remove solids and then treated before being re-released into streams and lakes. Metering pumps release the exact amount of chlorine needed for effective treatment. Too much chlorine kills fish and other aquatic life, but the right amount is efficacious for treating the water and protecting marine life.

PULSAtron Pumps Are Efficient for Treating Potable Municipal Water

Your drinking water comes from freshwater sources, but it’s often contaminated by animal feces and microorganisms that spread waterborne diseases. So chlorine is added along with other chemicals to drinking water to kill germs and other harmful microbes. While these chemicals are harmful to human health when given in high doses, our pumps add them in a just-right amount to be safe while still successfully treating the water. PULSAtron pumps do the job quickly and effectively.

Pulsafeeder Pumps Meet the Demand for Fertilizers

Pulsafeeder pumps are also used to inject fertilizers into irrigation systems so farmers can provide you with more productive food crops. Our pumps can also be programmed to add rust control additives into the water to remove high iron concentrations so surface stains won’t be on concrete.

Sanitation Needs and Water Reuse

Our products also help food and beverage services by assisting with sanitation uses and beverage disinfection. These pumps can inject the proper amount of liquid detergent into water for cleaning purposes.

Pump Parts Help With Pump Repairs

Pulsatron pump parts are available when you need them to repair your crucial equipment.

Our Pumps Provide Livestock Solutions

If you’re looking for pumps that can help with cleaning and disinfecting water after working with livestock, Pulsafeeder equipment can provide you with workable solutions. They work alongside pretreatment programs to help with sanitation. Our pumps can also inject disinfecting chemicals into the water when needed for safer processing.

Chem-Tech Pumps Help Balance pH Levels in Water

Water pumped from the ground can be acidic, leading to sour-tasting water. Water from these wells can also contain harmful bacteria and iron that can leave rust stains on your driveways and other surfaces. Chem-Tech pumps will help to balance out the pH levels in your water.

If you’re looking for a pump strong enough for tough jobs like water treatment and other industrial uses, get a Pulsatron pump from Pumps and Parts Online. Contact us today.

How You Can Benefit From a Pulsafeeder Pump

Certain industries that deal with maintaining a specific pH balance in boiler systems may find Pulsafeeder pumps very beneficial. Pulsafeeder pumps meter and control chemicals and their movements so you can get the precise amount you need in your boilers at any given time. These pumps are automated and make it easier to control various measured processes in industrial and commercial applications.

Whether you frequently add ammonia, amine, phosphate or other chemical additives to your boiler. If the measurements of any of these chemicals (or others) are not accurate, the consequences can be potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, humans are prone to error and can easily make minor mistakes that can cause huge problems. Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps can help eliminate these mistakes by taking away the possibility of human error. They are extremely precise in measuring out chemicals and perform their jobs accurately. They are also designed to maximize boiler efficiency and help produce optimal steam.

Overview of Pulsafeeder Pumps

If you’ve never worked with Pulsatron or Pulsafeeder pumps, the concept is pretty simple. The Pulsatron pump parts help clean your water with precise chemical amounts. The cleaner your water is, the easier it is for your boiler to produce the right amount of steam. Water treatment is much easier when you have automated wastewater treatment.

Industries That Commonly Use Pulsafeeder Pumps

If you aren’t sure whether you need diaphragm pumps or metering pumps, there are many benefits associated with Pulsatron and Pulsafeeder pumps. Some industries rely heavily on these pumps to assist with accurate recipe production and wastewater treatment. Here are some of the top industries that frequently use these pumps to help them get the most accurate measurements.

  • Automotive: The automotive industry can use metering pumps to help them achieve accurate solution blends during the manufacturing process.
  • Minerals and Mining: Solutions used to extract minerals must be precisely balanced. Pulsatron pumps can help ensure solutions are pH balanced.
  • Food and Drink: In this industry, it’s easy to experience unnecessary waste by getting recipes wrong. Metering pumps help remove human error and achieve precise recipe blends.
  • Chemical Processing: The right balance of chemicals is essential in the chemical processing industry. A Pulsafeeder pump can help get the proper chemical mixtures.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: Insecticides and fertilizers must be carefully measured in the agriculture and irrigation industries. To save time and minimize errors, Pulsatron pumps can be used to make the process easier and more accurate.

These are just a few of the top industries that regularly rely on Pulsafeeder pumps to help them achieve the most precise level of accuracy in solutions and water treatment.

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Do you have a need for Pulsafeeder pumps in your business? If so, we invite you to contact the professionals here at Pumps and Parts Online. You can get all the parts you need for your Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps through us. We pride ourselves in offering only the very best and most reliable parts for your pumps.

Pulsafeeder mec-o-matic

Precision With Pulsafeeder

Pulsafeeder has been manufacturing chemical delivery systems for more than 75 years. Just think of all those years of experience and development going to work for your system. If you need metering pumps to deliver chemicals in a reliable, precise manner, you want Pulsafeeder pumps.

Pulsatron Pumps From Pulsafeeder

Pulsatron metering pumps are diaphragm pumps. This means they use an oscillating diaphragm to move liquids. The liquid is pulled into the pump chamber when the diaphragm moves backward. When the diaphragm moves forward, the fluid is then expelled. These types of pumps have many different applications, such as:

  • Wastewater Treatment: This may be the most common use for Pulsatron pumps. They can handle the harsh chemicals required to treat wastewater.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: Metering pumps can deliver the right amount of pesticides, fertilizer, and other chemicals to your crops.
  • Brewing: The perfect craft beer relies upon precise mixtures and ratios of liquid ingredients.
  • Petroleum and Gas: A Pulsatron pump can ensure that you get the correct balance of additives in your fuels.
  • Food Industry: Use a metering pump to wash dishes and silverware. Your ratio of cleaning solution to water will be correct with every load.
  • Paper Production: A pump from Pulsafeeder can deliver the bleaches and dyes required for fine papers.
  • Commercial Pools: Spas and swimming pools stay cleaner longer when a metering pump handles the distribution of chemicals. 

There is a wide range of Pulsatron Pumps to meet various needs. From small to large, from basic controls to computer interfaces, Pulsafeeder has built it.

Choosing the Right Pump

With so many Pulsafeeder pumps to choose from, it’s important to know how to select the suitable model for your application. Think about the demands that your pump will need to meet. For example, a pump for a sewer processing plant will handle a much higher volume of water than a pump for a commercial kitchen dishwasher.

In addition, there are five aspects of metering pump work that you need to consider when purchasing a new pump:

  1. The type of liquids the pump is handling
  2. The temperature of the liquids the pump will be moving
  3. The flow rate of the liquids
  4. The viscosity of the liquids
  5. The outlet and inlet average pressures

After gathering all that information, you can crunch the numbers to determine which pump is best for your system. Pumps and Parts Online can help you make your decision. Let us know the information above, and we will let you know which Pulsafeeder pump is the right choice.

Pulsatron Pump Parts

Of course, hardworking pumps need maintenance and repairs from time to time. Pumps and Parts Online has Pulsatron pump parts in stock. Need bleed valve assemblies or five function valves? We have them as well as many other parts and pieces that will keep your pump running for years to come.

Are you ready to try a Pulsafeeder pump? Talk to us today via phone or email to learn which pumps will make your system run more smoothly.

Finish Thompson PF Series

How Pulsafeeder Pumps Surmount Water Treatment Challenges

Few subjects are less glamorous than wastewater treatment, but this necessary task makes modern life possible. Whether industrial or municipal, water treatment requires pumps. For more than eighty years, Pulsafeeder pumps have won the trust of water treatment professionals. That excellence continues with Pulsafeeder’s current lineup available from Pumps and Parts Online.

PULSAtron Pumps: 24/7 Reliability

Now entering its third decade, the PULSAtron line of diaphragm pumps continues to set the standard for reliability in harsh environments. At the heart of these pumps is Pulsafeeder’s guided check valve system that ensures accurate metering for all flow levels and all pressures.

Highlights of the PULSAtron line include:

  • With microprocessor control, the PULSAtron Series MP offers precision metering in a pump that can move up to 504 gallons per day at 20 PSI. In addition, this pump features a 16-character LCD that displays flow rates in GPD, gallons per hour or liters per hour.
  • The PULSAtron Series E Plus can move up to 600 GPD and handle pressures up to 300 PSI. The unit features manual control of stroke length with options for automatic control. Water-resistant construction makes this pump suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Designed for high-viscosity missions, the PULSAtron Series HV offers manual control with optional automatic command. The HV can handle flow capacity up to 240 GPD at 80 PSI.

Every PULSAtron comes with fin-cooled solenoid enclosures, ensuring continuous precise metering even in hot conditions.

Chem-Tech: Pulsafeeder Pumps for Water Conditioning

If you need reliable and economical pumps for water conditioning duties, Pulsafeeder’s Chem-Tech Series 100 and Series 150 diaphragm pumps answer the call. These pumps, designed for simple installation, feature a sealed gear train to reduce maintenance. Visible check balls help you ensure proper operation. Chem-Tech pumps can handle up to 100 GPD and withstand pressures up to 100 PSI.

MEC-O-MATIC: Industry-Leading Chemical Metering Pumps

The rugged pumps of Pulsafeeder’s MEC-O-MATIC series handle chemicals of every type, making them ideal for wastewater treatment, agriculture applications and even swimming pools. MEC-O-MATIC units are peristaltic pumps, a self-priming design ideal for volatile chemicals.

The line comprises three series serving different needs:

  • The MEC-O-MATIC 2400T and 2400T Plus feature 24-hour timers and excel at grease handling.
  • Optimized for slurry handling, MEC-O-MATIC Dolphin Series pumps feature polycarbonate feeder heads with tool-free installation for easy maintenance.
  • The variable speed motor of the MEC-O-MATIC VSP Series makes these pumps the ideal choice for dispensing low volumes with high precision.

Every MEC-O-MATIC pump comes with a chemical-resistant case made of ABS plastic. Inside, heat-treated metal gearing and heavy-duty bearings ensure years of reliable performance.

Pumps and Parts Online: Three Decades of Service Excellence

For wastewater treatment or any pumping need, count on Pumps and Parts Online. We carry a wide range of Pulsafeeder pumps, parts and KOPkits to keep you pumping. If you have questions about parts or materials, our sales staff knows the answers. We offer a price match guarantee and free shipping for small packages in the United States. The Pumps and Parts team looks forward to serving your needs.

Take the Guesswork Out of Metering Fluids With Pulsafeeder Pumps

Do you own a business that deals with commercial or industrial processes requiring the movement of chemicals and fluids? If so, you can benefit from using Pulsafeeder pumps to make sure all fluid measurements are accurate. Human error is an inevitable part of running a business unless you automate many of the processes that are commonly messed up. Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps are commonly used to help with:

  • Treating boiler water
  • Obtaining proper pH balance in different solutions
  • Helping with coagulation processes

There are many different chemicals your company may deal with that require accurate measurements to work properly. Getting the measurements wrong could result in disaster. In boiler water treatment alone, phosphate, amine, ammonia and other chemical additives must be added slowly and precisely to make sure the boiler operates as efficiently as possible. The cleaner you can keep your water through chemical treatments, the more productive your steam production will be.

Unfortunately, too many businesses deal with the negative impact of human error when measuring and mixing fluids. This is especially likely if you’re training a new team or dealing with employees who have a lot of stress and other responsibilities on their plates. One way to remove the stress that comes with human error is by using Pulsatron pumps. Pulsatron pump parts are specifically designed to precisely measure out the exact amount of chemicals you need for different processes. They’ll provide you with peace of mind that the chemical measuring and meting processes will always be done right.

From diaphragm pumps to metering pumps, there are various components involved with each Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pump. Make sure you get the right parts for your pump to ensure it works well.

Industries That Utilize Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

There are so many industries that can benefit from Pulsafeeder pumps and other types of metering pumps. Here are some of the industries to which we most commonly supply these pumps.

  • Chemical Processing: Since chemicals can be hazardous when mixed in the wrong amounts, it’s important to invest in Pulsatron pumps if your company is involved in chemical processing.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry needs precisely-blended solutions when manufacturing vehicle parts. A Pulsafeeder pump can help.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: When you need to distribute fertilizers and insecticides to your fields and crops, a metering pump will help you do the job right.
  • Food and Drink: The food and beverage industry relies heavily on the precise distribution of ingredient contents and formulas.
  • Paint and Dye Production: When working with paints and dyes, you need to be able to achieve a high degree of accuracy. That’s exactly what a Pulsafeeder pump can provide.
  • Mining and Minerals: Mineral extractions and fracking processes rely on highly-controlled solutions. For a level of accuracy, you can’t achieve any other way, use metering pumps.

There are many other industries that can benefit from metering pumps. This is just a small sampling of some of the top industries that come to us for their Pulsafeeder pump needs.

Order Pulsafeeder Pumps Today

At Pumps and Parts Online, we carry a wide variety of Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps and pump parts. Contact us if you need help choosing the right pumps for your needs.

Meter Fluids More Precisely With Pulsafeeder Pumps

If your business relies on fallible people to measure fluids and chemicals, it may be time to make a change. Pulsafeeder pumps can do the same job people do, but without the risk of human error. These pumps are designed to be extremely accurate and can help ensure all your fluid measurements are precise. Many companies use Pulsafeeder or Pulsatron pumps to help with the following processes:

  • Obtaining the right pH balance across solutions
  • Treating boiler water effectively
  • Assisting with coagulation
  • Meeting wastewater treatment needs

It’s very easy for humans to make minor mistakes in water treatment and other fluid treatments and measurements. Unfortunately, even minor mistakes can yield disastrous results when precision is key to obtaining the outcome you want.

You’re more likely to have processing errors somewhere down the line after hiring new employees. Even employees who have been with your business for a while are more likely to make errors if they haven’t had a good night’s sleep or if they’re dealing with health or emotional issues. By utilizing Pulsafeeder pumps and other metering pumps, you can remove some of the stress and worry off your employees’ shoulders by ensuring the most accurate measurement of fluids and chemicals occurs at all times.

Industries That Can Benefit From Metering Pumps

If you’re thinking about investing in Pulsatron pumps or diaphragm pumps, you may be wondering if these types of pumps can benefit your specific industry. Here are a few of the industries that currently utilize these pumps to improve the accuracy of their everyday processes.

  • Paint and Dye Production: Achieving precise shades of paint and dye requires precise measuring and mixing. A Pulsafeeder pump can remove the uncertainty of mixing different colors by hand.
  • Automotive: In the automotive industry, vehicle parts need to be manufactured with accurately-blended solutions. Failure to do so could result in minor or major errors that may be costly to correct.
  • Mining and Minerals: Fracking and mining processes use controlled solutions to obtain the desired results. Metering pumps can help you achieve a degree of accuracy you might not be able to achieve otherwise.
  • Food and Drink: Various recipes and formulas require precise metering of ingredients, which is what Pulsatron pumps and Pulsatron pump parts can provide.
  • Chemical Processing: Many chemicals can be hazardous to human health, which is why it’s ideal to measure them using inanimate pumps. When you utilize Pulsafeeder pumps, you remove much of the risk that comes with mixing various chemicals.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation: Fertilizers and insecticides should be distributed to crops and fields in a highly controlled and measured manner. A metering pump can help ensure you get the right amount of these substances to boost your yield without unintentionally harming your crops.

These are just some of the industries that use metering pumps to help achieve precision in their processes and formulations.

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The Many Uses of Pulsafeeder Pumps

It’s no secret that water is essential to life. The earliest civilizations were built on rivers, lakes, streams or other natural sources of water. This often involved hauling water in buckets to where it was needed. Thanks to technology such as Pulsafeeder pumps, such manual labor is no longer necessary. The water pump may not be the most exciting piece of equipment but nothing is more vital to agriculture, industry, and daily living. There are many uses for these essential machines.

Homes With Wells

Houses that have wells no longer use the old-school bucket on a rope. Water pumps move the water from the well into the house to water heaters and faucets. These marvelous devices save time, money, and labor.

Municipal Water

These pumps are also useful for houses and other buildings that use municipal water systems. In this case, a system of pumps moves the water from the main supply and through underground pipes. Buildings have metering pumps that moved the water into the plumbing system while measuring the amount used for billing purposes.

Automated Sprinkler Systems

Fire safety is important and automated sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial buildings can save lives and property. Many use pulsatron pumps to ensure that should the system be needed, there will be plenty of water. This is one of the most important uses of a water pump.

Pulsafeeder Pumps for Water Treatment

Water treatment plants have to move thousands of gallons in order to do the job of wastewater treatment. They need machines with quality pulsatron pump parts that can stand up to all the chemicals found in wastewater. A typical plant will have dozens of pumps.


Agriculture is an industry that makes great use of diaphragm pumps as well as other types. Farmers grow huge fields of crops and with the unpredictability of the weather, cannot count on rain to water them. Irrigation has been around since ancient times and getting water out to the fields is done with pumps. This ensures that valuable crops get the water they need to thrive.

Sump Pumps

As they are located underground, many basements tend to collect water and flood when it rains. This can damage the foundation, furnace, water heater, and anything stored down there. These pumps make great sump pumps and move water out of the basement before it can do damage.

Fire Engine Pulsafeeder Pumps

Firefighters connect houses to fire hydrants on municipal water systems. To get that water up to the high pressure required to douse flames, the engines use water pumps that boost the pressure. This is an effective replacement for the bucket brigades of old and has saved many lots and a considerable amount of property.

Humankind has invented many machines over the centuries. More visible things such as cars, airplanes, and televisions are readily appreciated. There are, however, many behind-the-scenes machines that are no less important to working, living, and safety in today’s world. Pulsafeeder pumps and other types of water-moving machines are among the most unsung.

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Meet Your Precise Fluid Measurement Goals With Pulsafeeder Pumps

Obtaining precise measurements when you’re dealing with different fluids and chemicals can be very challenging. Fortunately, you can rely on tools like Pulsafeeder pumps to make your measurement processes easier and more precise. Human error is always a concern when metering and mixing fluids, but metering pumps help remove the possibility of human error so you can have more confidence in your measuring and mixing processes. Many companies install Pulsafeeder and Pulsatron pumps to assist them with the following:

  • Boiler water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Achieving optimal coagulation
  • Obtaining the correct pH balance in various solutions

Unfortunately, even the slightest error can have major consequences when you’re dealing with potentially hazardous fluids and chemicals. That’s why it’s essential to be able to achieve precision when you’re measuring liquids. Using diaphragm pumps will not only help you achieve higher levels of precision, but it will also relieve some of the stress from your employees who may be worried about unintentionally making a mistake. These highly accurate metering pumps can be particularly helpful after hiring new employees who are more prone to errors than seasoned employees.

Industries that Commonly Utilize Metering Pumps

There are so many industries that can benefit from metering pumps that it’s unrealistic to try to list them all. But here are a few of the top industries that currently utilize these pumps to achieve precision in their everyday fluid-measuring processes.

  • Chemical Processing: This industry commonly handles chemicals that can be very harmful to human health. For this reason, it’s important to use Pulsatron pumps to make sure chemicals are mixed without any errors.
  • Mining and Minerals: Metering pumps are commonly used to achieve a high level of accuracy in mining and fracking processes. These processes rely on controlled solutions to achieve specific outcomes. Pulsafeeder pumps are very useful in these industries.
  • Paint and Dye Production: Anyone who works with paints and dyes knows how easy it is to get the wrong color by simply making the slightest mistake. To avoid this and help professionals in this industry create the right color combinations, metering pumps are often used.
  • Food and Drink: You can use Pulsatron pumps and Pulsatron pump parts to create accurate formulas and recipes in the food and drink industry.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture: You need to use a controlled and accurate process when distributing insecticides and fertilizers to fields and crops. Failing to do so could result in harm to your crops and yourself. This is an industry where these pumps can be very useful.

Another industry that can benefit from metering pumps is the automotive industry. When vehicle parts are manufactured, they require solutions to be accurately blended. If solutions are not blended properly, they could result in equipment errors or cart part failures. There are many more industries that currently utilize diaphragm pumps to help them with their blending, mixing and formulating processes.

Find Pulsafeeder Pumps

If you’re ready to buy one or more Pulsafeeder pumps, you’ve come to the right place. Visit Pumps and Parts Online to find the ideal pumps for your needs.

Pumps and Components Online is the premier distributor of Pulsafeeder pumps and parts, offering an extensive selection of products for water treatment, wastewater treatment, and other applications. Pulsafeeder pumps are renowned for their dependability, sturdiness, and precision, making them a popular option for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Pulsafeeder pumps and why Pumps and Parts Online is the best choice for all of your Pulsafeeder pump requirements.

Presentation of Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder pumps are renowned for their superior quality and performance. They are designed to provide precise and reliable metering for a variety of applications, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, and chemical processing. There are numerous varieties of Pulsafeeder pumps, including diaphragm pumps, solenoid pumps, and peristaltic pumps.

Pulsatron Pumps

Pulsatrons are a type of diaphragm pump intended to provide precise and consistent metering for a variety of applications. They are well-known for their dependability and sturdiness, which makes them a popular option for many industrial and commercial applications. Pumps & Parts Online offers an extensive selection of Pulsatron pumps, including the Series E Plus and the Series HV.

Pulsatron Pump Parts

Pumps and Parts Online carries an extensive selection of Pulsatron pump parts, including diaphragms, O-rings, and valves. These components are designed to ensure that your Pulsatron pump performs smoothly and efficiently, delivering precise and consistent dosing for your applications.

Water Purification

Water treatment is essential for guaranteeing the quality and safety of our drinking water. Pulsafeeder pumps are a key part of many water treatment systems, delivering accurate and consistent chemical dosing. Pumps and Parts Online provides a vast selection of Pulsafeeder pumps and parts for water treatment applications, ensuring that your system functions efficiently.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that move fluid using a diaphragm. They are well-known for their dependability and sturdiness, which makes them a popular option for many industrial and commercial applications. Pumps & Parts Online carries an extensive selection of Pulsafeeder diaphragm pumps, including as the Pulsatron Series E Plus and the Pulsatron Series HV.

Waste Water Management

The treatment of wastewater is a crucial step in preserving the safety and quality of our environment. Pulsafeeder pumps are a crucial component of many wastewater treatment systems, as they provide accurate and consistent chemical dosing. Pumps and Parts Online provides a vast selection of Pulsafeeder pumps and parts for wastewater treatment applications, ensuring that your system functions efficiently.

Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are constructed to provide precise and consistent metering for a variety of applications. They are utilized in numerous sectors, including as water treatment, wastewater treatment, and chemical processing. Pumps and Parts Online carries a comprehensive selection of Pulsafeeder metering pumps, including diaphragm pumps, solenoid pumps, and peristaltic pumps.

Pumps and Parts Online is, in conclusion, the best option for anyone seeking high-quality Pulsafeeder pumps and parts. Pulsatron pumps, Pulsatron pump parts, diaphragm pumps, and metering pumps are among the many products they offer for water treatment, wastewater treatment, and other applications. Pumps and Parts Online is committed to offering superior customer service and assuring the best value for their clients’ money. Contact Pumps and Parts Online.

Pulsafeeder Mec-O-Matic VSP Series

Among the most dependable and effective pumps on the market right now are Pulsafeeder pumps.  Our selection of Pulsafeeder pumps at Pumps and Parts includes pulsatron pumps, pulsatron pump parts, and metering pumps. These pumps are perfect for many different applications, such as the treatment of wastewater and drinking water.

Pumps for Pulsatrons

Diaphragm pumps called Pulsatron pumps are made for precise and accurate fluid metering. They are adaptable and can be utilized in a variety of processes, such as chemical processing, water treatment, and the manufacture of food and beverages. Pulsatron pumps are the preferred option for many sectors because they are dependable and provide continuous performance.

Pump Pulsatron Components

For your pump to constantly operate at its best, Pumps and Parts offers a large selection of Pulsatron pump parts. Even the most dependable pumps occasionally have issues, so we provide Pulsatron pump parts to make it easier for you to quickly get your pump back up and operating. Our Pulsatron pump replacement parts are of the highest caliber and built to OEM specifications or higher.

Treatment of Water

For applications involving water treatment, pulsesafeeder pumps are perfect. The process of purifying water by removing pollutants and contaminants is known as water treatment. Pulsafeeder pumps are perfect for use in water treatment procedures since they are made to deliver precise and accurate chemical metering. They are employed for water purification, pH regulation, and disinfection.

A Diaphragm Pump

Positive displacement pumps known as “diaphragm pumps” employ a diaphragm to pump liquids. They can be used for many different purposes, including as chemical processing, water treatment, and the manufacturing of food and beverages, and they are dependable and effective. Diaphragm pumps are perfect for demanding applications since they are self-priming and can run dry without harming the pump.

Treatment of Wastewater

The process of cleaning up wastewater by removing pollutants and contaminants is known as wastewater treatment. For applications involving wastewater treatment, Pulsafeeder pumps are essential. They are made to deliver exact and accurate chemical metering, which makes them perfect for cleaning pollutants out of wastewater and disinfecting it.

Measurement Pumps

Fluids can be metered precisely and accurately with the help of metering pumps. They are perfect for processes like chemical processing, water treatment, and the production of food and beverages that call for precise control of flow rates. Metering pumps made by Pulsafeeder are trustworthy, effective, and versatile.

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Leading suppliers of Pulsafeeder pumps, pulsatron pumps, pulsatron pump components, and metering pumps are Pumps and Parts. Our pumps are dependable and effective, and they may be used for many different purposes, such as the treatment of wastewater and other liquids. To keep your Pulsatron pump functioning at its best, we also provide high-quality replacement components. To find out more about our Pulsafeeder pumps and other goods and services, get in touch with us today!

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series C Metering Pump

Pulsafeeder Pumps: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Water and Wastewater Treatment

Industry-leading metering pumps Pulsafeeder Pumps are famous for their dependability, accuracy, and versatility in a range of applications, including water and wastewater treatment. We will look at the characteristics and advantages of Pulsafeeder Pumps, their applications in the water treatment industry, and the availability of Pulsatron Pumps and components at Pumps and Parts Online in this article.

Pulsafeeder Pumps: Main Characteristics and Advantages

Pulsatron Pumps: Designed for Accuracy and Dependability

A subgroup of Pulsafeeder Pumps called Pulsatron Pumps is made to give accurate dosage and chemical feed management. These consistently performing, extremely dependable diaphragm pumps are perfect for water treatment applications that need for precise chemical dosing.

Durable and Long-Lasting Diaphragm Pumps

The diaphragm pumps made by Pulsafeeder are renowned for their toughness and long-lasting performance. These pumps have a long service life and require little maintenance since they are made of high-quality materials that can survive hostile environments and resist wear and tear.

Many Uses: Water and Wastewater Treatment

Pulsafeeder Pumps are perfect for a variety of applications in the treatment of water and wastewater, including as nutrient removal, pH management, flocculation, and disinfection. They are essential in sectors like municipal water treatment, industrial process water treatment, and commercial water treatment because to their precise dosage capabilities.

Pulsafeeder Pumps in Water Treatment

Dosing of Chemicals with Exactitude for Best Results

For water treatment procedures that call for accurate chemical dosage, pulsafeeder pumps are crucial. Their precision guarantees optimum treatment effectiveness, which lowers chemical waste and boosts overall water quality.

pH Regulation and Infection

Pulsafeeder Pumps are essential for regulating pH levels and sanitizing water to stop the spread of dangerous germs. In order to maintain a healthy pH level and efficient disinfection, their precision dosing capabilities make sure that the proper amount of chemicals is delivered to the water.

Nutrient Removal and Flocculation

By precisely dosing the necessary chemicals, Pulsafeeder Pumps aid in the removal of extra nutrients from wastewater treatment applications, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These pumps also help in flocculation, which is the act of clumping together solid particles for easy removal by correctly dispensing coagulants.

Replacement Components of High Quality for Pulsatron Pumps

It’s essential to have access to high-quality replacement parts if you want your Pulsafeeder Pumps to continue operating at their peak capacity. Genuine Pulsatron pump components are readily available at Pumps and Parts Online, guaranteeing that your pumps continue to function effectively and dependably.

Pumps and Parts Online: Your One-Stop-Shop for Pulsafeeder Pumps and Parts

We at Pumps and Parts Online are dedicated to giving our customers Pulsafeeder Pumps and replacement parts of the best quality. To fulfill your needs for water and wastewater treatment, we have a large selection of Pulsatron pumps and spares in our large inventory. Why you should pick us for your Pulsafeeder Pump need is as follows:

A large variety of Pulsafeeder Pumps and Pulsatron pump parts are available from us. A large variety of Pulsafeeder Pumps and Pulsatron pump parts are available from us.

Help from an Expert: Our educated staff is available to help you choose the appropriate pump and components for your needs for water and wastewater treatment.

Competitive Pricing: We are committed to offering premium items at rates that are reasonable, ensuring that you get the most for your money.

Pumps and Parts Online has you covered whether you’re looking for a new Pulsafeeder Pump or need replacement components to keep up with your current system. Experience the difference that dependable, high-quality pumping solutions can make in your water and wastewater treatment processes by perusing our extensive assortment of Pulsafeeder Pumps and Pulsatron pump parts today. Call us today to get the right Pulsafeeder Pump that best suits your needs!

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron C Plus Series Metering Pump

Your Comprehensive Guide to Pulsafeeder Pumps: Excellence in Water Treatment Solutions

Introduction to Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder pumps, including the renowned Pulsatron series, are leading the industry with their unparalleled performance in water and wastewater treatment applications. These robust, reliable, and efficient diaphragm metering pumps are designed to meet a variety of pumping needs, offering a dependable solution for your water treatment requirements.

Understanding the Pulsatron Pumps Series

Pulsatron pumps, a product line under Pulsafeeder, are renowned for their proficiency in handling a diverse range of applications. Engineered with an innovative design, these pumps combine technology and performance to deliver high precision in chemical metering. This makes Pulsatron pumps a preferred choice for tasks ranging from simple chemical dosing to complex water treatment processes.

The Role of Pulsafeeder Pumps in Water Treatment

In the realm of water treatment, Pulsafeeder pumps stand out with their superior performance. Their precision in chemical dosing ensures effective treatment, maintaining water safety and cleanliness. From disinfection to pH control, these pumps facilitate numerous critical processes in water treatment plants.

Pulsafeeder Diaphragm Pumps: Ensuring Optimal Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment

The Pulsafeeder diaphragm pumps, another integral part of the product line, play a crucial role in wastewater treatment. Known for their accuracy and reliability, these pumps handle the dosing of various treatment chemicals, contributing to the effective management of wastewater.

Pulsatron Pump Parts: Ensuring Long-Term Efficiency

To maintain the efficient operation of your Pulsafeeder pumps, regular maintenance and the use of genuine Pulsatron pump parts is essential. Using authentic parts ensures the durability of your pumps, guaranteeing optimal performance and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps: Precision at Its Best

When it comes to metering pumps, Pulsafeeder stands out for its precision and reliability. Pulsafeeder metering pumps offer accurate chemical dosing, ensuring safe and efficient water and wastewater treatment processes.

Choose Pulsafeeder Pumps for Reliable Water Treatment Solutions

Pulsafeeder pumps, including Pulsatron pumps and their respective parts, offer an effective and reliable solution for your water and wastewater treatment needs. With their precision, reliability, and durability, these pumps are the go-to choice for professionals seeking excellence in water treatment solutions. Trust Pulsafeeder to deliver performance that you can rely on every time.

Pulsatron Series MP Series Metering Pump

Pulsafeeder Pumps: Revolutionizing Water and Wastewater Treatment

Introduction to Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder pumps have long been known for their superior performance, especially in the demanding fields of water and wastewater treatment. With Pulsafeeder, you can rely on innovative designs and robust construction that ensure efficient operation and longevity.

The Pulsatron Pump Range

At the heart of Pulsafeeder’s product lineup is the Pulsatron pump range. Known for their versatility and reliability, these pumps seamlessly integrate advanced technology with high performance. Pulsatron pumps stand as a testament to Pulsafeeder’s commitment to delivering quality and precision in all their pumping solutions.

Pulsafeeder Pumps in Water Treatment

In the sphere of water treatment, Pulsafeeder pumps deliver exceptional results. Their precise chemical dosing capabilities ensure the effective treatment of water, ensuring safety and quality. Whether it’s disinfection, pH control, or any other vital process, Pulsafeeder pumps consistently rise to the challenge.

Wastewater Treatment with Pulsafeeder Diaphragm Pumps

When it comes to wastewater treatment, Pulsafeeder diaphragm pumps demonstrate their effectiveness and reliability. These pumps are renowned for their accurate dosing and handling of various treatment chemicals, significantly contributing to successful wastewater management.

The Importance of Pulsatron Pump Parts

Maintaining the optimal operation of your Pulsafeeder pumps is vital, and this is where Pulsatron pump parts come into play. By using genuine parts, you ensure the durability and efficiency of your pumps, thereby extending their lifespan and maintaining peak performance.

Precision and Reliability with Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder’s metering pumps are highly regarded for their precision and reliability. They provide accurate chemical dosing, facilitating safe and efficient water and wastewater treatment processes.

Trust Pulsafeeder Pumps for Your Water Treatment Needs

For reliable and efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions, look no further than Pumps and Parts Online. The Pulsatron pump range, Pulsafeeder diaphragm pumps, and metering pumps offer the precision, reliability, and durability you need. Trust in Pulsafeeder for performance that goes above and beyond, ensuring you can meet your water treatment objectives with confidence and ease.

The Pulsafeeder Advantage: Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Pulsafeeder’s dedication to quality and innovation sets it apart from other pump manufacturers. With every pump, Pulsafeeder delivers technology-driven solutions designed to handle the most demanding water treatment challenges. From the Pulsatron pumps, known for their precise metering, to the robust diaphragm pumps, Pulsafeeder offers a versatile range of products to meet diverse water treatment needs.

Pulsafeeder Pumps and Parts: A Long-Term Investment

Investing in Pulsafeeder pumps means investing in the long-term performance and efficiency of your water treatment system. With genuine Pulsatron pump parts, you can ensure the longevity of your pumps, maintaining peak performance for years to come.

Partner with Pumps and Parts Online for Pulsafeeder Solutions

Pumps and Parts Online is proud to offer Pulsafeeder pumps and parts, bringing you the best in water treatment solutions. With our commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, we ensure you get the most out of your Pulsafeeder pumps. Trust Pumps and Parts Online as your go-to source for Pulsafeeder pumps and experience the difference that quality and precision can make in your water treatment processes.

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series HV Metering Pump

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