1 1/2" Polypropylene
Manufacturer: All-Flo
Manufacturer Model: C150-FPP-GGPN-B70
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Max Flow: 130 gpm
Max Air Pressure: 120 psi
Max Solids: 1/4"
Max Suction Lift Dry: 13 ft
Max Suction Lift Wet: 26 ft
Max Suction Lift Dry with PTFE: 10 ft
Max Temperature: 150F
1 and a half performance plastic exploded view and parts list


Chambers/Manifold: Polypropylene
Inner Chamber: Polypropylene
Diaphragm: Geolast
Valve Ball: Geolast
Valve Seats: Polypropylene
O-Rings: Nitrile
Connection Type: ANSI/DIN Flange

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1 1/2 inch