Green Pumps

Greenpumps has been formed from the old Caster Pumps company which has since been sold to Sundstrand. The Greenpumps product line is the new and improved version of Caster Pumps that include upgrades to improve reliability and functionality. Even with the upgrades that Greenpumps has implemented, they still remain dimensionally interchangeable with the older Caster units. Greenpumps is the sole authorized manufacturer of replacement Caster parts as well as complete pumps. Specializing in magnetically driven sealless pumps, Greenpumps has also expanded beyond the original Caster product line to include rotary vane, centrifugal, turbine, and oscillating piston pump.

Green Pumps

Please call 1-800-536-PUMP (7867) for immediate service, send us an email at or complete our online form in the contact us section for a quote.

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