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All Oberdorfer Chemsteel repair kits contain the necessary parts to get your pump back up and running! Each repair kit contains the correct gears, o-rings, gaskets and bearings for your pump. If your Chemsteel pump has a mechanical seal, the repair kit will also contain a replacement seal. If your pump is mag driven, you'll still receive all the necessary internal parts but the repair kit will not contain the mechanical seal.

If you're looking for a repair kit for your Chemsteel, but don't see it listed, please give us a call!

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R10216CAK - Repair Kit for R10216CA-C1$2096.00
RM10216CWK - Repair Kit for RM10216CW-M1$1310.00
S20716CAK - Repair Kit for S20716CA-C1$2723.00
SM20716CWK - Repair Kit for SM20716CW-M1$1690.00
S41716CAK - Repair Kit for S41716CA-C2$2749.00
SM41716CWK - Repair Kit for SM41716CW-M2$2106.00
S93016CAK - Repair Kit for S93016CA-C2$4097.00
SM93016CWK - Repair Kit for SM93016CW-M2$3486.00

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