Oberdorfer Pumps

Oberdorfer has been manufacturing some of the highest quality and reliable pumps since 1890. With over a century of product development, our product line now spans across the fields of Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, and Chemical Processing. We manufacture various types of pumps that include, but are not limited to centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps, roller pumps, rubber impeller pumps, mag-drive pumps, and progressing cavity pumps. These pumps are all produced from a wide range of materials; bronze, aluminum, hastelloy C, cast iron, stainless steel, and various types of plastic. Producing pumps with many different materials provides the versatility to pump most any fluid. Oberdorfer pumps can be used in the transfer, re-circulation, and processing of various chemicals that include; fuel, oils, water, caustics, and acids. Oberdorfer is committed to producing quality products at competitive prices with short lead times.

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