Pulsatron Series E Plus

The Pulsatron Series E Plus Metering pump has a lot of features that make it one of the most popular metering pumps from their entire series range. Available from the factory with 3 different control options, the Series E Plus can be configured for what's best in your application. The Series E Plus is water resistant too, which means it can be used in any application indoor or outdoor! The E Plus can meter flow rates as low as 3 GPD (Gallons per Day) or as high as 600 GPD! With the factory installed bleed valve assembly, you're guaranteed to have a pump that will prime easily, and won't leak. If you're just looking to replace an existing pump, take a look at the tag on the top of your pump, and it should have the model printed on it. Using one of our search bars, type in the model just as it's printed, and you should find the correct pump listed.

** If you're looking for a pump in a specific configuration but cannot find it listed, please contact us. **

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Pulsatron Series Metering Pumps