2400T Series


The Pulsafeeder Mec-O-Matic 2400T Peristaltic Series metering pumps are designed to dispense low volumes of liquids. The 2400T Series feature an exclusive quick release twist-off head, built-in timer and a self-lubricating roller assembly to help maintain longer pump life. Installing your 2400T is simple, and start-up is quick with just a push-button primer. The 2400T Series is also programmable to tackle tough situations such as drain/grease cleaning.

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UT24-XA-LTAUXXX - 2400T Max Flow: 2.5 gpd / Max PSI: 25 / Silicone tubing$393.00
UT24-XA-LBAUXXX - 2400T Max Flow: 2.5 gpd / Max PSI: 25 / Viton tubing$395.00
UT24PXA-LTAUXXX - 2400T Plus Peristaltic Pump$410.00

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