2400T Max Flow: 2.5 gpd / Max PSI: 25 / Silicone tubing
Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder
Manufacturer Model: UT24-XA-LTAUXXX
$329.00 for 1+
Max Flow: 2.5 gpd
Max Pressure: 25 PSI
Electrical Connection: 115V 60 Hz
Tubing: Silicone
Connection: 0.125" ID x 0.31" OD
Control: 24 Hour Mechanical Timer

General Information:
Pulsafeeder’s MEC-O-MATIC 2400T Peristaltic Series pumps / grease trap dispensers are capable to dispensing low volumes of almost any liquid. The pump case on the 2400T is constructed of a durable, chemical resistant, ABS plastic. The Mounting pads and built-in wall mounting bracket allow you to have the choice of placing the pump on a flat surface or mounting it to a wall.

Pump Operation:
The 2400T Series pumps are equipped with a Prime/Timer rocker switch, and the pump is controlled with a programmable 24-Hour mechanical timer. The 24-hour day timer provides up to 96 settings in 15 minute increments.

Internal Drive:
The heavy duty DC driven gear motors are safe, quiet and dependable. All metal gearing parts are heat-treated and the output shaft is supported by heavy-duty bearings.

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