Bleed Valve Assemblies

The Bleed Valve Assembly attaches to the discharge fitting on the head of your Pulsatron metering pump and your discharge tubing then attaches to the top of the bleed valve assembly. The purpose of the Bleed Valve is to help your pump prime properly and remove any air that may be trapped within the suction line.

Operation of the Bleed Valve Assembly is simple. Open the valve by turning the knob counter clockwise to bleed the air out of your suction line. Once the return line that is attached to the bleed valve is pumping mainly fluid, turn the knob clockwise to close the valve. At this point, any air in the line should be removed.

If you're having any issues operating the valve or priming your pump, take a look at the "How to Prime your Metering Pump" in our blog section or give us a call!

Pulsatron Wet End Code

L3300H01-FPP - Bleed Valve for PHC1 Wet End$65.00
L3300H01-PVC - Bleed Valve for VAT1, VHC1 Wet End$65.00
L3300H01-PVD - Bleed Valve for KHC1 Wet End$66.00
L3300H03-FPP - Bleed Valve for PHC3 Wet End$65.00
L3300H03-PVC - Bleed Valve for VHC3, WHC3 Wet End$65.00
L3300H03-PVD - Bleed Valve for KHC3 Wet End$66.00
L3300T01-FPP - Bleed Valve for PTCH, PTCJ, PTC1, PTT1 Wet End$65.00
L3300T01-PVC - Bleed Valve for VTC1, VTCJ, VTT1, WTC1, WTCJ Wet End$65.00
L3300T01-PVD - Bleed Valve KTCJ, KTC1, KTT1 Wet End$72.00
L3300T03-FPP - Bleed Valve for PTCA, PTC3, PTS3, PTT3 Wet End$65.00
L3300T03-PVC - Bleed Valve for VTCA, VTC3, VTT3, WTC3, WTT3 Wet End$65.00
L3300T03-PVD - Bleed Valve for KTCA, KTC3, KTT3 Wet End$76.00
L3300V01-FPP - Bleed Valve for PVC1 Wet End$65.00
L3300V01-PVC - Bleed Valve for VVC1 Wet End$65.00
L3300V01-PVD - Bleed Valve for KVC1 Wet End$66.00
L3300V03-FPP - Bleed Valve for PVC3, PVS3 Wet End$65.00
L3300V03-PVC - Bleed Valve for VVC3, WVC3 Wet End$65.00
L3300V03-PVD - Bleed Valve for KVC3 Wet End$66.00

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