Mec-O-Matic KOPKits

The KOP Kit (Keep On Pumping Kit) will help lower downtime and get you back in business quickly! You can also use the KOP Kits for preventative maintenance to guarantee constant maximum performance out of your Mec-O-Matic Peristaltic metering pump. The KOP Kits are also an excellent way to save money. Instead of purchasing each part individually, the KOP Kit will come with everything you will need.

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KUDXX-LLAU - Dolphin Series KOPkit - 0.44" OD Black Norprene Tubing$77.00
KUDXX-LSAU - Dolphin Series KOPkit - 0.44" OD Norprene Tubing$72.00
KUDXX-LBAU - Dolphin Series KOPkit - 0.44" Viton Tubing$148.00

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