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Continental Pump Company offers a complete line of Progressive Cavity Pumps for the commercial wastewater and industrial markets.
Continental offers drop in replacements pumps and¬ parts¬ to popular Progressive Cavity brands including: Moyno, Liberty Process, Netzch and Summit.
Progressive cavity pumps are an excellent choice when looking for a positive displacement pump.¬ PC pumps consist of a single helical metal rotor rotating within a double helical elastomer-lined stator, which forms progressive chambers/cavities from the suction end to discharge end moving the liquid.¬ The liquid acts as the lubricant between the pumping elements and should not be ran dry.
The progressive cavity pump was designed to move almost any kind of fluid with no separation disturbance at a uniform discharge flow.¬ They are self-priming up to 28 feet of suction lift, based on water.
Another design is being economical and efficient with minimum maintenance.¬ PC pumps are one of the easiest to work on as the main elements are very accessible and require few tools to disassemble and reassemble on-site.
Custom options to our standard pumps are available such as sealing options, rotation of suction housing and¬ complete units¬ with gearbox, VFD and motor.

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