How to find your KOPkit!

Is your metering pump failing to hold prime? Are you unable to prime your metering pump? Is your pump not producing the factory flow rate as listed by Pulsafeeder? Then there’s a good chance it’s time for a KOPkit! Pulsatron KOPkit’s can help cut your downtime and get your pump back up to factory specs in a minimal amount of time. A KOPkit is a fraction of the cost of a new metering pump and almost always fixes any issues you may be having with your pump. If you recently purchased a pump, purchase a KOPkit for preventative maintenance and have it on your shelf for when the time comes to install it!

Unsure of your Pulsafeeder’s KOPkit number? Check out the image below that explains how to determine what KOPkit your Pulsatron metering pump needs!

How to Identify your KOPkit

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