How to Install your Pulsafeeder KOPkit

The following steps are direct from Pulsafeeder on how to properly install your Pulsatron KOPkit!

A. Flush the pump head and valve assemblies out by running water or other suitable neutralizing solution
through the pump. Wash the outside of pump down if chemical dripped on pump.
B. Release the system pressure by opening bleed valve.
C. IMPORTANT – Set the stroke length of pump to 50% while pump is running and unplug the pump.
(CAUTION – Do not adjust the stroke length knob when the pump is off. ONLY adjust the stroke length knob
while the pump is running to avoid damage to the pump).
D. Disconnect the tubing or piping from the pump. Remove the four pump head screws, and then remove the
pump head assembly.
E. Remove the diaphragm by grasping it at the outer edges and turning it counterclockwise until it unscrews
from the electronic power module (EPM). Note the number of diaphragm shims which are behind the
diaphragm. Shim quantity can be from 0 to 2.
F. Pull the adapter off and remove the secondary seal.
G. Install the new secondary seal onto the shaft and add a general purpose lubricant to the shaft. Do Not use
petroleum based lubricants.
H. Replace the adapter with weep hole pointing down.
I. Slide the diaphragm deflection plate onto the back of the diaphragm stud, radius side (curved) towards the
J. Next slide the number of shims from step 5.e onto the diaphragm threaded stud.
K. Apply a general purpose lubricant to areas of the diaphragm that contact the deflection plate or radius on
the adapter. Do Not use petroleum based lubricants.
L. Screw the diaphragm into the EPM unit. Turn the diaphragm clockwise until the deflection plate and shims
are tight against solenoid shaft, and the diaphragm stops turning. If there is a gap between the adapter and diaphragm, repeat the procedure removing one shim each time until the diaphragm just touches the
adapter or is slightly recessed.
M. Place the pump head onto the adapter with the valve flow arrows pointing up and install washers and
screws. Tighten the pump head screws in a criss cross pattern until snug and pump the head pulls up against
the adapter.
N. Install the Suction and Discharge valves (Confirm o-rings are attached to the valves) with stamped letters
reading from top to bottom, and the arrow pointing in the direction of flow. Hand-tighten only, do not use
wrenches or pliers (Degas head comes with pre-assembled valves).
O. Reconnect the tubing or piping and reinstall the pump.
P. Start the pump.
Q. Check for leaks around newly installed fittings.

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