Oberdorfer Rubber Impeller Pump

Oberdorfer offers a large selection of rubber impeller pumps that allow them to be used with almost any application! Today, we’re highlighting the N202M Series Rubber Impeller Pumps. All N202M series pumps come with a Buna Lip Seal from the factory, and the impeller is constructed of Neoprene. The Neoprene impeller can safely pump fresh and salt water solutions along with mild chemicals.

The N202M Rubber Impeller Pump is also widely used in the Marine industry! A lot of our customers have replaced their existing Sherwood water pump with the Oberdorfer N202M series due to the Oberdorfer costing less than the Sherwood, and the impeller in the Oberdorfer is also easier to replace! The 2 Bolt, 5 Bolt and Clamped Mounting options allow the N202M to be used on almost any marine engine currently on the market.

We offer the following N202M Series Pumps:

If you’re looking to replace the water pump on your marine engine, but don’t know which model you need, please give us a call!


Oberdorfer N202M Rubber Impeller Pump

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