Pulsafeeder Five Function Valves

We have started adding more Pulsafeeder Pulsatron metering pumps to inventory that have 5 Function Valves pre-installed from the factory! Looking for a pump with the 5 function valve but don’t know the part number? A standard Pulsatron pump that does not include a 5 Function Valve will have a part number similar to this – “LC54SA-PTC1-XXX” and one that has the 5 Function Valve from the factory will have a part number similar to this – “LC54SA-PTC1-500.” The “-500” that replaces the normal “-XXX” is what indicates that your pump has a 5 Function Valve installed!

What’s the purpose of a 5 Function Valve you ask? They can enhance performance, increase safety and improve the overall ease of operation! Here’s a list of some of the features of the valve:

  • Pressure Relief
  • Back Pressure – Maintains output consistency and allows metering into atmospheric discharge.
  • Anti-Siphon – Prevents siphoning through the pump when point of injection is lower than the pump or into the suction line of another pump. Rated at total vacuum.
  • Air Bleed – Used during priming to manually remove air from the pump head.
  • Discharge Drain – Depressurize pump discharge line without loosening tubing or fittings.

Don’t have a 5 Function Valve but are interested in one for your pump? Give us a call! These valves can be installed on almost all existing metering pumps that Pulsafeeder offers! All we need is your pump model to get you the correct valve!

1-800-536-PUMP (7867) or sales@pumpsandpartsonline.com

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron 5 Function Valve

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