Part #: DTBP001 / 27" Polypropylene Tube / 625 Alloy Shaft
Manufacturer: Finish Thompson
Manufacturer Model: TBP-27
$396.00 for 1+
Max Flow: 20 gpm
Max Head: 39.5 feet
Max Temp: 150F
Tube Material: Polypropylene
O-Ring Material: Sealed
Shaft Material: Alloy 625
Pump Length: 27" (69 cm)
Tube Diameter: 1.66"
Discharge: 1" Hose Barb

The TBP-27 Model can pump liquids with a viscosity up to 200 cP and a maximum head of 39.5 ft. As the viscosity of the fluid increases, the maximum flow (gpm) will decrease.

TBP series pumps are lightweight pumps that are sealed and designed for container-to-container transfer of light to medium viscosity fluids. This series of drum pumps are constructed of Polypropylene which makes them suitable to handle liquids such as bleach and different types of acids. The TBP Drum Pump Series can handle fluid with a maximum temperature of 150F.

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