5 Function Valve - Max Pressure: 100PSI / O-Ring: Teflon / Connection: 3/8" OD
Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder
Manufacturer Model: L380DT01-PVD
$82.00 for 1+
Max Pressure: 100 PSI
O-Ring Material: Teflon
Connection: 3/8" OD Tubing
Body Material PVDF

Back Pressure - Maintains reproducible output and allows metering into atmospheric discharge.
Anti-Siphon - Prevents siphoning through the pump when point of injection is lower than the pump or into the suction line of another pump. Rated at total vacuum.
Air Bleed - Used during priming to manually remove air from the pump head.
Discharge Drain - Depressurize pump discharge line without loosening tubing or fittings.

The Five Function Valve is easily installed, allowing simple one handed operation. The Five Function Valve is packed with features that will enhance performance, increase safety, and overall improve the convenience of operation.

The functions of the valve are controlled by setting two dual position selector knobs on the valve. The label on the back of the valve displays each function with the selector knob positions.

The Five Function Valve is compatible with most of the Pulstron and Chem-tech series pumps. Connected to the existing discharge valve, the Five Function Valve is capable of handling a large output flow as well as viscous liquids. A return port located on the side body provides flow of chemicals back to the solution tank when in the air bleed or drain discharge mode.


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